The life of the work at home mom or dad is not always an easy one. Many jobs don’t pay all that well, some are inconsistent in the amount of work available, and you never know what’s going to happen with a home business. Are these problems making it harder for you to work at home because you’re so worried about having enough money to live on?

That’s a pretty normal feeling. Happens even to those who don’t work at home. It’s often more immediate to work at home parents because many have so little support from those who don’t believe they can earn a living from home. There’s that guilty feeling that you could be earning more outside the home and solving all your family’s financial problems.

Look at What You’re Earning

When financial stresses build, take a look at what you’re earning. Why isn’t it enough? What can you do to earn more?

Most important, could you really earn more working outside the home after expenses are considered.

Most forms of working at home are cheap. You don’t have to drive to work. You may not need childcare for the kids. You don’t have to dress up for work. There are fewer social pressures to eat meals out rather than eating something home cooked.

If your finances are making you think that it’s time for an outside the home job, use this information to consider whether you would really be bringing more money home by working outside the home. You might not be.

Are You Worrying Rather Than Working?

If your financial worries are distracting you from doing the work that might help you to bring in more money, focus on getting around that. You have money problems. Worrying is not profitable. Working is.

It’s not necessarily going to be that easy. Stress doesn’t go away just because you want it to. But you can use it more as a motivator and less as a distraction.

Do You Need to Make Cuts?

Sometimes you need to cut back on expenses. That’s the way things go. If you’ll do better by cutting back on cable television and other expenses you can control, you can ease the strain a little bit.

How’s Your Support Network?

Hopefully you have good support from your spouse, family and friends for what you’re doing from home. It’s much easier to work at home when you have that, even when money gets tight.

Talk to whoever you need to. Brainstorm solutions for your problems.

Avoid talking unnecessarily about your money problems to those who don’t support your work at home efforts. This is the kind of time when they’ll say “I told you so” and similar things. That’s not helpful and it’s certainly not going to make you feel less stressed.

Anyone who has been helpful in the past in brainstorming ideas to earn money or work more effectively is a great person to talk to. This is the time you need encouragement.