Saving money is very important to most stay at home moms. It’s not easy for many families to live on a single income. These are some of my most informative and popular posts on that topic.

Every family is different. Hopefully these posts will help you help your family save money without cutting things too tight.

Saving Money

How to Save Money on Children’s Clothing
Children’s clothing costs add up fast. Smart shopping and other tactics can limit the damage your kids do to your finances.

Feeding Your Family on the Cheap
Cutting back on the food bill is one of the most popular ways for stay at home parents to save money.

Cutting the Electric Bills
Your electric bill may be higher than it needs to be. Take a good look at what you can do to cut your bills.

Offsetting the Costs of Being a Stay at Home Mom
Going to a single income is rough on most families. But these days a stay at home mom is not all that limited, and can earn money if she has to.

Financial Hazards

What to Do When Your Expenses Are More Than Your Income
It’s one of the risks of being a stay at home mom. Sometimes your expenses grow too quickly or are more than you planned for. Now what?

How Does Being a Stay at Home Parent Effect Your Finances?
Being a stay at home parent changes a lot of your expenses and has a huge effect on your income. What are some of the specific areas that will change?

Are You Falling Into Frugality Traps?
Don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re being frugal when you’re only being cheap.

Financial Hazards of Being a Stay at Home Mom
It can cost more than you think to stay at home.

Financial Benefits of Being a Stay at Home Mom
Being a stay at home mom costs money, but you may also get some great benefits that limit the costs.