Working at home can be a real treat, but it’s not easy. Merely more possible than it was in the past. You have so many options and so many things you have to sort through to make it all work.

Getting Started

The Big Work at Home Talk
It’s incredibly important to discuss what working at home will mean to your family before you get started.

What Work at Home Jobs Could You Start on Your Own?
Some of the things you think of as work at home jobs could also be done as a freelance business.

The Overwhelming Availability of Work at Home Opportunities
Despite the huge number of scams out there, there are many ways to work from home legitimately.

Realistic Ways to Earn Money from Home
Being realistic about how you will earn money from home is a big help.

How to Improve Your Chances of Landing a Work at Home Job
Applying for a work at home job is similar in a lot of ways to applying for other jobs. You have to impress your potential employer with what you have to offer.

Quick Ways to Earn Money at Home
Sometimes you just need money fast.

Understanding Work at Home Ads
Those work at home ads aren’t always clear.

You Can Work at Your Kitchen Table. Should You?
You always hear about people starting a home business or work at home job from their kitchen table. Is that really a good way to go?

How to Earn Money at Home When You Can’t Find a Work at Home Job
Finding a work at home job is rarely easy. What other ways to earn money from home are available to you?

It Costs Money! Is It Legitimate?
You’re always warned to not pay for a work at home job. Does that mean any work at home opportunity that costs money is a scam?

Frequently Asked Questions About Working at Home
Some of the more commonly asked questions about working at home.

Work at Home Job Options

Are You Really an Independent Contractor?
You have to be careful when you work for a company that calls you an independent contractor. Sometimes they get it wrong.

Understanding What Real Data Entry Jobs Are
Most data entry job ads are home business opportunities masquerading as a job offer. Where are the real jobs?

Can Accountants and Bookkeepers Work at Home?
Industries such as these that don’t require a lot of face to face interaction can be great possibilities.

What is it Like Being a Paid Blogger?
Paid blogging doesn’t make most people a ton of money, but it can be one of the easiest ways to earn money while working for yourself at home.

Customer Service Work at Home Jobs – Reality and Fantasy
Customer service work at home jobs are some of the most popular. Understand what is needed to work in customer service from home successfully.

Beware of Work at Home Scams

Google Will Pay You How Much Per Hour/Day/Week/Month???
Lots of ads claim Google will pay you big money? Could they possibly be legit?

Work at Home Scam Bingo
A little bit of fun. A bingo card with some of the common scam symptoms.

Why Do So Many People Still Look for Envelope Stuffing Jobs?
The old envelope stuffing scam is still going strong, as it its online counterpart.

Ways to Spot a Scammer
Most scams aren’t all that hard to spot if you just know the signs.

What’s With Those Data Entry Job Sites?
Data entry, really? Maybe, maybe not.

8 Rules to Help You Avoid Work at Home Job Scams
Some scams are harder to spot than others, but there are some common signs warning you to avoid a particular opportunity.

When the Work at Home Company is Real, but the Job Isn’t
Not all scams are easy to investigate. Make sure you’re dealing with the real company, not someone pretending to represent it.

Can You Expose a Work at Home Scam?
Many people get really upset when they discover a work at home scam, especially if they fell for it. Should you tell the world?

Work at Home and Family

Maintaining Your Sanity as You Work at Home
There will be those days as you work at home that just about drive you crazy.

Keeping a Clean House as a Work at Home Mom?
Who has time to keep a clean house while working on a job at home?

When Your Kids Get Jealous of Your Work at Home Job
It can be really hard for children to understand and respect your need to work at home.

Work at Home Mom Mistakes
We all make them. Recognize when you’re too focused on working and take a break.

Are Friends Taking Advantage of You Working at Home?
Not everyone you know will necessarily respect that working at home is real work. Don’t let them take advantage of you unnecessarily.

Are You Driving Yourself Crazy By Working at Home and Skipping the Childcare?
You may have chosen to work at home to be there for the kids, but should that really mean childcare is out of the question?

Work at Home Challenges

6 Ways to Cope with at Home Distractions and Be More Productive
Being at home while you work is often very distracting. How can you deal with the distractions and be more productive?

Are Money Problems Effecting Your Ability to Work at Home?
Not everyone earns a great living from home. Lots of families find money rather tight. Is that making your work still more difficult?

Don’t Feel Bad About Learning to Work at Home in the School of Hard Knocks
Many people who work from home get a rough start. Don’t feel bad about the challenges you’re facing.

When a Good Work at Home Job Goes Bad
Sometimes a job that was good gets to be more trouble than it’s worth. What should you do now?