Working at home is quite appealing to the spouses of military personnel. Having a job that might travel with you is a huge help financially. Military families may move frequently, making steady, outside the home work difficult to manage. Fortunately, there’s an initiative called Joining Forces, which has located businesses which will hire military spouses to work from home.

One of the great parts of this is that this gives military spouses a group of companies that are legitimate. While not everyone will find a suitable job, this increases the odds and decreases the chances of scams. That’s always a good thing in the work at home industry.

Just as with any other job, of course, the key to a military spouse landing one of these jobs is to pay attention to what you have to offer the potential employer. Think about what qualifies you for the position. Applying willy nilly to jobs just because the company wants to hire military spouses isn’t going to get you a job. There are lots of people out there in your same situation. Being the right person for the job is.

Many of these jobs are in customer service, and require different skill levels. It’s not necessarily that difficult to work in customer service, but you do have to have a very quiet place to work, as most employers expect you to have no background noise at all.

Also, remember that you don’t have to stick to these jobs. There are other work at home opportunities out there, and if none of these jobs appeal to you or aren’t a match for your skills, there are other options out there. I have a sister who works as a software developer from home, for example.

The next step is to be ready to work. Especially if you haven’t worked at home before, it can be difficult to adjust. There’s a lot of flexibility and independence, which makes it vital that you motivate yourself. Many people get into trouble working at home because they aren’t prepared to essentially supervise themselves. Distractions in the home, whether it’s kids, friends, family, pets, housework, television or internet, abound, and you have to learn how to work around them.

To look for jobs for military spouses in general, check the Military Spouse Employment Partnership Career Portal. CareersOneStop is another resource. These are not all work at home jobs, but the employers should understand a bit better about your needs. You can also learn about companies that have made commitments to hire military spouses and veterans at

The companies which joined this initiative in April 2012 are:

  • Alpine Access
  • Arise Virtual Solutions, Inc.
  • Dial America
  • Etech Global Services
  • Hilton Hotels
  • Prosperity America
  • Quality Contact Solutions
  • Agility Marketing
  • QCSS Inc.
  • SP Data
  • Veteran Call Center, LLC