The hardest part about looking for a way to work from home is to dodge all the scams. Today I decided to let you have a little fun while doing so.

As you go through the various opportunities, see how many spaces you fill up, just as with regular Bingo.

Zero/No Effort Required
Cash a check/money order and forward the excess…
“As seen on…” without a link proving it
Pay for recruiting rather than making sales
Stuffing envelopes
Work at home” in the job title
High pressure to sign up now
Pay $6 to the person at the top of the list…
“Buy our software to get started”
Pay to show you’re really interested
Email processing
Quotes IRS or postal codes to claim legitimacy
(it’ll cost you later)
“All these are scams, but this similar program isn’t”
“Just post ads”
Palm trees, expensive cars, mansions in ad
Typing at home
Reship a package
Vague job description until you pay
Payment processing
Cash gifting programs
Data entry by filling in PPC ads (AKA online forms)
$5000 a week working part time
Pyramid Scheme
Strangely high payback on investment

How do you win? By avoiding scams, of course!

Sadly, there are many more ways I could have filled these squares. But it’s not a bad way to get started.