Working at Home in Customer Service

Most customer service positions require a quiet room, as you are generally speaking to customers over the phone. Outside noise can be cause for termination.

Customer service agents may take orders, solve problems, review account information and otherwise help customers. You will have to enter customer information into the computer.

This job generally requires a dedicated phone line without call waiting or other services that might interfere with your call. High speed internet may also be a requirement.

Pay may be hourly or it may be by talk time. Enforcement of shifts is generally relatively strict, as companies need coverage at all times. However, you typically have a lot of flexibility as to what time you choose to work when choosing your shifts. It is possible to work in the middle of the day, middle of the night or anytime in between.

You will often be expected to try to upsell the customer - that is, encourage them to buy more than they planned to. This is true even if the customer calls in to complain in most cases.

Many people find it necessary to get more than one position in order to get enough talk time. Sometimes the work simply will not be there.

Many companies hiring customer service representatives to work from home are contracting for other companies. You may end up taking calls for stations such as QVC, for example.


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