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Being a stay at home mom is tough these days. There's a lot expected of you. And if money gets tight you're going to have to look at going back to work.

Or are you?

Stay at home moms and dads have amazing opportunities available to them to work at home. A work at home or online job might appeal most to you, or you might be thinking more about a home business.

Then There Are the Work at Home Scams

Yes, they're everywhere when you start thinking about working at home. It doesn't matter the type of work you're looking for. They're out there.

Even if you don't fall for a work at home scam they make your life more difficult. No one believes you when you say you've found a real way to make money at home. Too many people assume that either you've fallen for something or that you're running a scam yourself.

It's annoying.

You Need Legitimate Work at Home Resources

My goal here is to offer the best resources for moms and dads who want to be stay at home parents and for the ones who want to work at home.

I do my best to not promote scams. I can't say that I get it right every single time, but I try. I know how hard working at home is.

I started out myself in 2002 as a medical transcriptionist. It was a pretty good job, and I was quick to notice that almost every time I talked about my work, someone would ask me how to get into it. They could be complete strangers who happened to be sharing a table with me at the mall and they'd ask.

That got me interested in offering legitimate resources for stay at home mom jobs. It was very clear to me that there is a great need for such resources.

Eventually, that lead to the creation of this website. It made more sense to me to be able to tell people to go to a website than to hope that they'd remember the many things I had to tell them about getting into medical transcription. It's not the easiest field to start working in. These days, medical coding also looks promising.

Working at Home Doesn't Change That You're a Stay at Home Parent

At the same time I don't want to pretend that working at home is all you're going to do if you have kids at home. You're taking care of them too. It makes doing your work more challenging, but the rewards are amazing.

I believe that parents should support each other. It doesn't matter who works at home, who stays home with the kids or who works outside the home. What matters is that we all care for our families.

It's just that some of us are lucky enough to be working toward our dreams.

Deciding to be a stay at home mom or dad doesn't usually mean you've given up on your ambitions. There's no reason to do so, not with the amazing opportunities out there. But there's also nothing wrong with delaying the pursuit of your ambitions while you raise your family. And nothing wrong with combining the two.

Somehow most of us make it work no matter what we do. Don't let the naysayers get you down about the choices you make.

How has staying home with the kids changed?

For all you Mommies out there...

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