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Stephanie Foster: Owner, Operator, Person Who Does All the Work Around Here

Stephanie started Home With the Kids as a resource for stay at home and work at home parents. She started out as a medical transcriptionist, and was frequently asked questions about how to get started in that career. Recognizing the demand for accurate information about working at home, she decided to start a website about it.

StephanieHome With the Kids offers tips on work from home jobs, running a business from home, being a stay at home parent, saving money, and life as an at home parent in general.

Stephanie has worked at home for more than 15 years now. She first worked as a medical transcriptionist for Medquist for five years. She started Home With the Kids during that time, and when it started to earn enough, quit the medical transcription job to run this website full time. Yay!

Stephanie is the mom of three kids and four cats. Trust me, the cats think she's mom too, and they're often more underfoot than the kids. That includes in the bathroom, which any mother would understand.

Stephanie is also a fan of science fiction. When the family bought their home in 2015, one of the major considerations was where the bookshelves would fit. Some homes were ruled out for lack of space. With well over 1000 books, this was a serious priority. All the kids show signs of enjoying reading as well.

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Brent Foster: Husband, Distraction, Distractor of Distractions

BrentBrent doesn't work here as such, but he has been very supportive through the years. He's sometimes a distraction (as a good husband should be) but other times helps to distract the other distractions.

He's usually not home when Stephanie's working, having his own job, but understands when she says she needs extra work hours without other people bothering her while he's home.

One might say it was their mutual interest in science fiction that brought Brent and Stephanie together. It certainly didn't hurt, although it has strained the bookshelves at times, not to mention the luggage after a particular trip to Powell's City of Books in Portland, OR.

Brent and Stephanie also enjoy going to Renaissance Faires together, and figuring out what they're going to do next for the house or garden. So many ideas, so little budget!

Kids: Inspirations, Distractions Extraordinaire

kidsWhere would Home With the Kids be if Stephanie and Brent didn't have kids? Nowhere, that's where. They're incredible distractions, especially when school's out, but they're wonderful reasons to be at home.

It can be interesting for the kids to have a work at home mom. The older ones have developed the interest so many kids these days have in starting their own online businesses, but they're taking it slow.

The kids have done a wide range of activities, including martial arts, soccer, running, archery and Destination Imagination. No doubt more are to come.

Melody Pond: Cat, Executive in Charge of Goofing Off, Relaxing and Shedding Everywhere

MelodyMelody loves her job. Goofing off suits her perfectly, and she does her best to make everyone else do likewise, usually by meowing at them and rolling on the floor until someone pays attention to her. She's not above grabbing a leg or nipping a foot if someone dares ignore her.

She also takes significant advantage of the company fish tank. While most consider it relaxing to watch the fish swim around, Melody knows that one of these days she is going to catch that algae eater and teach it a lesson. She works hard at that task daily.

Melody also dreams of getting outside and catching all the birds. She talks to them through the window outside, but for some reason, the birds just won't surrender.

River Song: Cat, Executive in Charge of Being Underfoot

RiverRiver delights in her job of being underfoot, because she knows it's your fault if you step on her. She's just doing her job. And yes, she will take it personally. The fact that she was hiding in the shadows had nothing to do with it.

The only thing River loves more than sleeping at work is finding a toy to kill. She's a hard hitter, and woe betide the hand that gets between her and her toy. If you want more trouble, you can refuse to play with her when she wants it. She also enjoys her time at the fish tank.

Daenerys Stormborn: Cat, Human Accountability Officer

StormDaenerys Stormborn, or Storm as she prefers to be called is right there when someone is supposed to be working. The only trouble is that she really doesn't understand her job. She believes she is supposed to make sure the human pets her enough, not works enough. She's cute enough to get away with that.

Sweet and cute though she is, Storm becomes quite intense when in competition with the other cats, and they have learned to let the Storm rage on. She may be small, but that doesn't mean she lets anyone push her around.

Drake: Cat, Productivity Disruptor

DrakeDrake is certain that he's part dragon on his mother's side, which is why he insists upon being called Drake rather than his original name of Tom Baker. With a loud voice that can be heard all around the house, you know when he wants something.

Drake and Storm often pair up in their work. They both know humans are prone toward slacking off in giving the cats attention if you let them.

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