1. Decorating the tree.
    It’s started, as in we got the lights up, but no other decorations. That’s reserved for after school today.
  2. Taking old toys to charity.
    The biggest reason we didn’t have the tree up is that we were determined to go through the kids’ toys and give a bunch of them away to charity. We now have 3 boxes of old toys ready to go. Just have to drive them over so they don’t spend the next year just sitting in the garage.
  3. Making graham cracker houses.
    Because the kids hate gingerbread. We’ll probably get this going tomorrow after my daughter comes home from school.
  4. Having my daughter make Christmas presents.
    We bought her some crafts so that she could make Christmas presents, and this morning I realized we hadn’t actually gotten her started yet. Oops.
  5. Take the kids out to get presents for each other.
    The craft thing doesn’t work too well for each other, since it wouldn’t be a surprise.
  6. Making cookies.
    Because it’s just fun, you know?
  7. Shopped for Christmas dinner supplies.
    I get to host dinner on Christmas day because that’s actually the smaller gathering this year. Everyone’s coming on the weekend after instead. We’re having lasagna, since I can assemble it the day before, making my life a bit easier Christmas day.
  8. Wrapping presents.
    Then again, I almost always do all of this Christmas Eve anyhow.
  9. Breakfast with Shamu and Santa.
    I doubt we’re going to manage this one at all. They do ‘Breakfast with Shamu’ at Sea World I think year-round, but at this time of year Santa is there too. We just never found the time. But there’s one morning still open that it’s possible, so maybe….
  10. Hanging outdoor Christmas decorations.
    We bought some plastic decorations for outside, but haven’t put them up yet. We don’t have a good place to plug in lights outside, so I really liked this subsitution.
  11. Visit Santa anywhere.
    I know the kids will at least see him at the family gathering Christmas Eve, so this one is really not a problem at all. But they’ll be quite delighted if we manage the breakfast one I mentioned above. Or we could go to Quail Botanical Gardens as we have in the past. One of the most beautiful places I know for visiting Santa, much nicer than the mall.
  12. Find a way to light our Christmas tree star.
    We have this beautiful, gold tone filigree star for the top of our Christmas tree. But it looks a bit dull up there because of all the lights. This is more my husband’s job, as he promises every year to try to find a way to get some lights inside it. It will probably require cutting it open and resoldering it, so there’s some risk that he’ll just damage it too much. But if he can do it, it should be beautiful.
  13. Get the house company-ready.
    We’re still a bit of a mess here, but getting better. But you know how it is when you’re going to have company. You get picky.

Overall, though, I’m really happy with what we’ve gotten done. The chaos is finally somewhat under control.

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