13 Things I Love About Helping in My Daughter's Class

My daughter’s kindergarten class has “Morning Read” each morning, Monday-Thursday. It’s really a fun time. I very rarely miss a day of it. Here’s what I like about it:

  1. It doesn’t take that much time out of my day. Just a half hour or so extra at the school.
  2. I get to know my daughter’s classmates.
  3. My daughter gets to bring home a new book to read each evening. This is the book she will then read at “Morning Read”.
  4. My daughter’s reading skills are steadily improving, and I get to see it.
  5. Listening to the kids read.
  6. Seeing my son learn to interact with the other younger siblings as I read with the other kids.
  7. Seeing my son get still more interested in books. He doesn’t always play during “Morning Read”; sometimes he prefers to listen, and at home he has picked up the habit of repeating the words to the book after me when I read to him.
  8. Picking different kids to read with each day.
  9. Seeing my daughter light up when I pick her. Not every day, since she needs to show others how well she reads.
  10. Noticing when one of the kids has forgotten their book folder and is nearly missed for “Morning Read”. They just look so relieved that someone has noticed them. Some of the kids have very busy parents and forget their book folders very regularly. It’s hard on them to feel left out. But they are allowed to get another book to read in class.
  11. Talking a bit to the other parents while waiting for things to get started.
  12. Knowing that my daughter’s teacher really appreciates the help.
  13. Knowing that the kids are learning to appreciate books.

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  1. ellen b says:

    Ahh the joy of kindergarten and reading. Enjoy!