6 Ways to Speed Up Your Work at Home Job Hunt

Finding a work at home job isn’t easy. Matter of fact, it’s often a pain. There are so many sites to visit and comb through to locate new job listings. Getting through them all each day can take a lot out of your day if you don’t manage it well. Get yourself organized, however, and you can greatly speed up your work at home job hunt.

1. Know Which Sites to Search Regularly

You’ll probably have more leads with some sites than others. Some will be more suited to the types of jobs you’re looking for. Here are a few to consider, but it’s by no means an exhaustive list:

oDesk.com (edit: now Upwork)
Hire My Mom

2. Take Advantage of RSS Feeds

Many job websites offer RSS feeds of new jobs. Some will even let you use the feed of your particular search, so you won’t get a lot of irrelevant postings in your feed.

You can add these feeds to your feed reader or a tab on your igHome page. Either way, you’re making it much easier to spot the new jobs and visit each site. I would suggest opening each possible job opportunity in a new tab so that you can keep looking at the other listings as you go.

3. Bookmark Your Searches in a Group

Another way to speed things up is to bookmark your daily searches in a group, so that your browser can open them up in tabs with just one click of the group. You can then open interesting job postings in tabs as well, so that you aren’t always waiting for your search pages to reload as you go back to them.

4. Know How to Quickly Research Companies

While researching a company online won’t always turn up problems, it can help you avoid scams and other problems that other people have experienced with them. It’s not always as simple as “companyname scam,” however, or even learning how to spot the obvious scams. You may want to find a forum where you can ask people about them.

5. Have Basic Resumes Uploaded and Ready

Many job sites allow you to have your resume uploaded and ready to go. Make sure you take advantage of this, but also edit your basics as necessary to better fit the job description and skills required. Make sure you include LinkedIn. It’s not a job site as such, but the networking there may be valuable.

If the site allows you to save multiple resumes, do that as well. It’s much faster to have a couple versions of your resume ready, especially if you’re looking at more than one type of job. You’ll emphasize different skills if you’re looking for transcription work than when you’re applying for a virtual assistant position, for example.

Have good copies of your resume ready to go for sites that require your resume in other formats. You may want to have a plain text version ready for email or pasting into online forms, a Word version for companies which prefer that, and so on.

Having an online resume is a pretty good idea too, especially if you’re looking more for freelance projects or a more professional job. It may not make the difference if you’re looking for a more basic work at home job, but an online resume can make you really stand out. There are several different ways you can create an online resume.

6. Consider Buying a Membership With a Carefully Chosen Job Lead Site

You have to be very, very careful with this one. There are a few job lead sites out there which require memberships. They can be valuable, but you want to make sure of that first. Home Job Stop has a good reputation, as well as a good refund policy if you decide it’s not for you.

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2 Responses

  1. Cley says:

    Very helpful tips! This is so timely because there are so many people now that are job hunting online. Thanks for sharing this.. Good job!

  2. Joe says:

    Those are some great resources for anyone looking to work from home – I especially liked the list of freelance sites. I personally know many people who replaced their full time jobs or supplement their income with money earned from online freelance work.