70 Ways to Make a Mess of Working at Home

It’s easier to fail working at home than it is to succeed. All you have to do is fail to try, or try in the wrong areas. Here are some of the ways I came up with to make a real mess of your own attempts to work at home.

1.  Tell everyone you want to work at home so you can watch your favorite TV shows.
2.  Treat working at home as a hobby.
3.  Expect instant success.
4.  Expect big earnings with little to no effort.
5.  Expect big earnings immediately.
6.  Just accept it when people expect you to have free time every time they ask.
7.  Fail to set goals.
8.  Don’t tell anyone about your business.
9.  Spend too much time on random surfing.
10.  Spend too much time checking email.
11.  Spend too much time “networking,” by which you mean chatting with friends and not getting anything accomplished.
12.  Fail to network as appropriate.
13.  Fail to complete your work in a reasonable time frame.
14.  Fail to discuss what you need with your family.
15.  Fail to understand what your family needs of you.
16.  Solitaire, Free Cell, Minesweeper, etc.
17.  Work too little.
18.  Work too much.
19.  Lack of focus.
20.  Start too many businesses at once.
21.  Choose the wrong location for your home office.
22.  Don’t worry about quality. Just get it done.
23.  Don’t keep up on your paperwork.
24.  Don’t have at least a partial regular schedule.
25.  Refuse to spend money where it would help and fits in your budget.
26.  Lack motivation.
27.  Lack drive.
28.  Believe in your own failure.
29.  Fail to learn from failure.
30.  Fear failure.
31.  Allow others to convince you that you’ll fail.
32.  Overestimate your own abilities.
33.  Fail to get help when needed, even if you have to pay for it.
34.  Choose an opportunity only because someone else says it can earn big money.
35.  Lack passion for your business.
36.  Fail to research opportunities before getting started.
37.  Jump from business to business in a short period of time.
38.  Fail to keep up on your industry.
39.  Spend excessive time reading about your industry.
40.  Fail to show off your skills.
41.  Be dull.
42.  Skip the business cards.
43.  Fail to pay attention to your market.
44.  Fail to know what your market is.
45.  Fail to consider a range of marketing tactics.
46.  Expect to work less than a regular job.
47.  Participate in illegal opportunities.
48.  Believe all hype.
49.  Lack enthusiasm.
50.  Fail to prioritize.
51.  Fail to separate business and personal finances.
52.  Fail to recognize when you’re spending more than you can afford.
53.  Try to sell something no one wants.
54.  Fail to understand how to appeal to customers.
55.  Try to insist customers like what you like.
56.  Talk down to customers and clients.
57.  Be positive you know more than anyone else.
58.  Pay no attention to your competition.
59.  Fail to have goals.
60.  Have only big goals and no little ones.
61.  Have only little goals and no big ones.
62.  Take rejection personally.
63.  Procrastinate constantly.
64.  Pay no attention to ROI (Return on Investment).
65.  Let yourself be distracted from work excessively.
66.  Dislike challenges.
67.  Prefer predictability.
68.  Ignore the Internet.
69.  Fail to have a unique website related to your business.
70.  Have a negative attitude.

Anyone have more to share?

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1 Response

  1. “Expect instant success” – that has been my biggest problem throughout life. I was a gifted child, and let me tell you, this is a curse rather than a blessing, b/c it makes you think everything will always be easy. But then you grow up and everything is NOT easy. I have had to make some serious attitude adjustments over the years, but I still expect things to be easy and tend to give up when they’re not. Thank you for the reminder.