Sometimes you can just see when justice goes mad. That appears to be the case with what has happened to Shaquanda Cotton. She has been sentenced to seven years in prison for shoving a hall monitor in her school.

Many of you won’t be surprised to hear that Shaquanda is black. It’s disappointing but true that these cases seem to happen all too often on a racial basis. I won’t say always, but definitely too often for mere coincedence in my opinion.

You can read about her on BlogHer, and I also found a story about it on the Chicago Tribune website. The Chicago Tribune website may requie a registration later on, but I was able to read it at the time I posted this.

Consider that this is a girl, now 15, with no prior criminal record. This is not someone who has been a constant problem and finally stepped over the line. The trouble she got into at school appears to have been fairly minor, and not always accurately reported.

I can understand that something like this could go to court as an assault. But seven years in prison… in other words, up to her 21st birthday, in a prison that normally the most troubled children go to, for something like this is insane. Especially when you compare her story to the case of a white teen burning her family’s home down and only getting probation, which would have been far more sensible Shaquanda’s case.

I would love to see more publicity about this case. I don’t like this kind of thing just hiding in the shadows, allowed because nobody noticed. Shaquanda is already in the second year of her sentence. As the word spreads, I hope something can be done about such injustice.

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