That’s what my husband calls it. He’s quite aware of how much extra time I’m putting into getting my sites ready to handle themselves when this baby is born and about a month after, ideally.

It makes sense to me. I don’t nest much in real life. No crazed cleaning of the house, scrubbing areas I’d leave alone normally, etc. I still loathe housecleaning, no matter how far pregnant I get.

I also don’t spend much time on a nursery. I told my husband where I want the cradle, and we’ve figured out where the crib will go when she’s big enough for that. There. Done setting up things for baby.

Aside from the basic childproofing for each stage. But that comes later anyhow.

But I do this every time online. I start going nuts over my business, getting things organized.

I guess that says a lot about my focus. It’s not on the home. It’s on business.

Housework for me is the minimum to keep things sane and sanitary for my family. Sometimes a little more under control, sometimes less.

I’d rather make time for playing with my kids than cleaning with them. Too bad that isn’t a form of nesting. It sounds fun. Excessive play…