I just checked out RockStartUp, a site about starting PayPerPost. They call it a web reality show, which should give you an idea as to what it’s about; that is, the reality of how PayPerPost is being run. As I already knew from the forums, they have a lot of fun.

Just two episodes are up so far. However, some of the team have done “confessionals” where they talk about working at PayPerPost or whatever appeals to them at the time.

I had fun watching the first episodes, as there are only two up so far, not counting the confessionals. But they plan to show a whole lot more… Postie Patrols, anything that happens in the office, meetings, contests… these people can be just plain nuts so I would expect the unexpected too.

Stuff like this is why I like PayPerPost so well. I’m involved with a couple of other pay for blogging companies, but no one else provides as many opportunities to work or as much fun, at least out of the three I’ve tried so far.

I know there has been a lot of controversy about PayPerPost, but you have to admit they’re having a lot of fun and doing some great marketing, both for themselves and for others. It’s a great way to earn money from blogging and just fascinating to watch and think about how they’re doing it all.