Yes, I know. I keep saying that. And no, he hasn’t gotten around to signing up and trying those voiceover sites yet. He was going to do that after New Year’s, then got sick and lost his voice. My goal is to try to get him signed up by the end of this month with one or both of the voiceover sites.

But this post isn’t about those sites. It’s about a different kind of job hunting website.

Career Linked offers Free Job Postings right now. I guess that’s a part of their beta, from the looks of their website. But of course I’m more interested in what they offer to job hunters.

They do things a bit different from other job hunt websites I’ve been to. You don’t start out by posting a resume. You answer a series of questions instead that can help potential employers see if you’re interesting to them.

Another interesting trick they have is that job seekers can post articles to increase their score… assuming they do a good article, that is. Updating your profile also improves your score, as it shows that you are actively interested.

I think the concept is interesting. Can’t say how successful it will be, since that can only be seen over time. But I do like finding mroe resources to maybe get my husband into a job that he will truly enjoy. Just have to get him to try out the site.