People like lists online. They’re a good way to share information in a format that is easily read. They’re especially popular if you’re talking about favorite items in a category.

Go to a lot of work at home sites, and they’ll have their top picks for work at home opportunities. They’ll give them 4-5 stars, and a quick blurb about what makes that particular opportunity so great.

The trouble is that the order of the list on too many sites has more to do with what the opportunity pays, rather than its quality. The links are typically affiliate links.

Now I have nothing at all against honestly used affiliate links. I use them myself. Like most website and blog owners I put in a lot of work, and that’s a big part of how I get paid. I just dislike it when they’re used dishonestly, especially in an industry where one must struggle to keep things legitimate.

Of course, people make these lists because they work. And so, here’s mine.

Stephanie’s Top Work at Home Opportunities

1. What interests you!

Don’t get into something that doesn’t interest you. No matter how easy the description makes it sound, working at home is tough for most people. You probably won’t make money right away.

The beauty of working at home, especially in a home business is that you do have the chance to pick out what interests you. It might relate to a hobby or a particular kind of work you enjoy doing. The possibilities are amazing.

2. Blogging, if you like to write.

Just don’t count on making a ton of money. You might, but an awful lot of bloggers make less than $100 per month. But it’s really fun if you do like to write, and highly affordable. Free, if you use a site such as Blogger, but good quality hosting from companies such as HostGator is highly affordable, as are domain names. This gives you so much control.

And yes that’s an affiliate link. But I really do host with HostGator. They’ve been very good to me even when my traffic exploded.

Mix this with opportunity #1. You can blog about practically anything if you really want to.

If you don’t like to write, it’s probably the wrong opportunity for you. There are other ways to make money from home.

3. Pay per click affiliate marketing.

I have to list pay per click even though it’s not my thing. I haven’t taken the time to master it at all. But those who do master it can do exceptionally well.

Just be prepared for an expensive learning curve. This is not perhaps the best choice for the tight of budget. And of course you may not master it at all. Not everyone does.

4. Virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant can offer so many things to an employer. There’s a good bit of flexibility in what defines a virtual assistant, and you can specialize.

You might be answering emails. Handling customer service questions. Updating a website. Writing articles. Doing all kinds of things that keep a small business running.

You don’t need to have every one of these skills. Only offer services that you can handle.

5. Customer service.

For those who would rather have something more along the lines of a job than a business. Customer service work at home jobs have really increased over the past few years. It saves employers a lot of money as they don’t have to pay for so much office space.

One catch is that you have to have a very quiet place to work. No background noise at all is allowed during calls. You’re also typically only paid for talk time, not time waiting for calls to come in.

6. Transcription

Not necessarily medical transcription, although medical transcription isn’t a bad choice. You’ll need things somewhat quiet to transcribe well, but a little background noise isn’t a problem, and the hours are often flexible.

Accuracy is huge in transcription of any sort. If you can’t type dictation, interviews or whatever is expected of you up just about perfectly, forget it.

There are far more possibilities out there than I can list. That’s why my number one pick was what interests you. None of the rest will do you any good at all if you can’t do the work or really hate it when you give it a try. Take advantage of the flexibility of working at home and do the work that suits you.