There was an interesting report on the evening news that I just had to look up and share tonight. It was about how broken bones are becoming more common in children. Not only that, they’re getting rickets.

Two factors are the major causes. One is that kids aren’t getting enough milk or other calcium sources; the other is that they aren’t getting enough sunshine, and so develop vitamin D deficiencies.


It’s not just that broken bones happen more easily in childhood if you aren’t building their bones either. It is suspected that osteoporosis will also become more common because bone density is not being built early on.

Rickets can be quite serious. The article noted a case where a little boy had it bad enough that his leg bowed and he could no longer run because his legs hurt so much.

Of course, there are plenty of things you can do to help your kids have stronger bones. Make sure they get plenty of calcium in their diets daily, whether from dairy sources or other sources such as broccoli. Make sure they play outside a lot. 10-15 minutes a day is a minimum. Makes me glad that I walk my daughter to and from school daily. We get plenty of sunshine during that time, and her school gives a decent recess. An hour of general physical activity is also needed, in or out of the sun.

If you’ve been having trouble getting enough calcium in your kids’ diets, think about what you can switch. Get them to drink more milk, for example, or serve yogurt sometimes for breakfast. Cheese in sandwiches or on pizza. There are lots of ways to encourage your children to take in more of what their bodies need if you fear they haven’t had enough lately.

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