One question I often get asked as a stay at home mother is whether or not I plan on home schooling. The answer is always no, as that is really something I’m not interested in, but I am aware that there can be certain benefits for parents who do choose to home school. I don’t think it’s a poor choice, just not for me.

One benefit is, of course, that your children are at home and don’t have to be to school at a particular time. This lets you work on a schedule that is comfortable for all of you. I wouldn’t suggest just letting the kids sleep until whenever they want to get up, but you can decide a healthy schedule on your own. Children do need some sort of a schedule.

Your children will also benefit from having so much attention as they are trying to learn. If your child is of a temperament such that home schooling works better for them, this can be huge. You’ll know when they understand a topic, so you can spend more or less time on it, unlike in public schools where there is little room for such flexibility.

Family trips and activities can be planned to have a decided educational focus. Schooling doesn’t even have to stop for vacation. You can head out to tour historical monuments as a part of learning history.

One of the big reasons parents choose to home school is that it allows them to control their child’s moral and religious upbringing. Many people are uncomfortable with certain topics taught in public schools, such as evolution.

Another reason is that some schools are very free about requesting that children be put on medications to control their behavior. You may have heard horror stories about active children being diagnosed with attention deficit more or less only because the teacher wants them to behave better in class. By home schooling, you can see how your child really behaves, and deal with the issue without medication.

The final reason, and one that could drive me to home schooling, is that sometimes people just live in a very low quality school district, and they fear their children simply will not get an adequate education. Right now I live in an excellent school district, which is a part of why I feel no need to home school, but not everyone is so fortunate. There is tremendous value in a good education.

If you want to home school, check and see what programs are available in your state.

In my next blog, I will cover the disadvantages of home schooling.

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