Are You Overcomplicating Your Home Business Schedule?

Great time management skills are vital to running a successful home business. If you aren’t paying attention to how you use your time, you are probably wasting a lot of it.

But if you overdo it you can make things worse.

There are some basic things you should do to manage your time well when working on your home business. You should have a time to check your email, then leave it alone as much as possible. You should know how much time you can spend on forums and blogs. You should know how much time you need in order to get everything that you need to get done, done.

But sometimes you can overdo it. When you forget that flexibility is one of the key benefits of running your own business it is very easy to do this.

If you say you’ll check email from 9-10, participate in forums from 10-11 and so forth, you’re probably overdoing the schedule. You may not need all that time for each activity every day, and if you find scheduling that carefully hampers your ability to change tasks when you finish early, it’s probably a problem.

If you’re finding it takes a lot of time to manage your time management, you’ve probably overcomplicated it. The goal of time management is to make your life easier. Some people love using a Day Planner, while for others it’s a complication that will make it harder for them to plan their day well. Use the tools that work for you, not the ones that only work for others.

You may also find that some things need to just be finished more quickly than your regular schedule would allow. A good schedule is flexible enough that you can get such things out of your way rather than wishing you could. You control your schedule; do not let your schedule control you more than is reasonable.

If you’re always feeling pressured by your time management goals, perhaps you are not scheduling things correctly. Perhaps you are putting too much into one day or not being realistic about the time needed. Analyze why you feel pressured, and you will probably come up with a solution.

Managing your time well often does not come easy first. It is easy to let distractions get the best of you. But dedication to your plan and to your business will help you to reach your goals and still have time for the things that matter most to you.

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2 Responses

  1. Fran says:

    I agree. Because of the easy access to both work and family, it’s hard to keep it balance. Time is fast, especially if we are having fun. This will surely break our schedule in using time wisely.

  2. Alan says:

    Having a home business is great because of all the benefits we can get. We only need to be wise in managing our time to avoid conflicts between work and family.