It’s not that long until all the holiday craziness will be behind us. As you finish up your holiday shopping, it’s time to turn your attention to next year and start planning, especially if you have a home business.

What Are Your Goals for Next Year?

Looking at the current economy, next year will be off to quite the rough start. Have you started thinking about how you’ll cope yet?

Depending on the circumstances of your family, this can be extremely important. So many people are getting laid off that it really pays to think about how you’re going to cope with tight finances.

Or, if you have a home business, how you’re going to market your business while people need to cut back.

In either case, you need to have goals. Goals about cutting back and living more frugally. Goals to help you overcome obstacles.

Is It Time to Update Your Skills?

If you have a home business, odds are you do have some skills that could use updating. But even if you don’t keeping up to date on your work skills can be a great investment in your future. Many stay at home moms do eventually go back to work, and it’s good to have skills for in case you HAVE to go back someday.

Sites such as Achieve Your Career can help you to pick an online school for your own needs, or you can research them yourself. If you are interested in starting a career in medical transcription, for example, Career Step is a good school to go to.

For home business owners, however, what you pick very much depends on what you’re doing. I like The Renegade Network Marketer for that industry. Pay per click can be learned through ebooks such as Perry Marshall’s AdWords Guide. I could continue to make recommendations, but I won’t just now. Go for quality, not just low price in your education. Don’t break your budget.

Commit to Action

Don’t just think up what you’d like to do. Commit to it. Write it out if that helps you. Keep track somehow of your progress. Hold yourself accountable.