Are You Promoting Your Biz Op Correctly?

Doing some of my regular online reading and came across this article by William I. Rothbard about the crackdown by the FTC on business opportunities, including home business opportunities. For those promoting any sort of business opportunities, this is a very important read.

Basically, the FTC no longer has a rule that an opportunity must cost at least $500 before it has to adhere to certain rules, such as making certain information about it available at least seven days before a customer purchases the opportunity. Any cost matters, if what you’re promoting meets certain criteria, such as what you provide the new business owner. If it’s general advice about business development and training, you may be in the clear. Provide other services, you may not be.

What should you do? Read up on this and see if it’s relevant to your business. Check with others promoting the same opportunity, or those promoting similar opportunities. Be aware of any rules that are relevant to you. The usual stuff, but sometimes it’s hard to keep up with these things as they change. Just start with reading the above linked post if you think it might be important to you.

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