Are You Really Working at Home or Just Goofing Off?

Working at home or goofing off?

One of the things that drives people who work at home absolutely up the wall is being told that they aren’t really working. Too many people assume that you’re sitting around, surfing the internet or watching television. No paycheck you receive can convince them otherwise. Talk of all the hours you work doesn’t convince them. Some people are still just convinced that working at home means a lot of goofing off.

Of course, sometimes that’s true for many of us. Sometimes we fall into that trap.

It’s so easy to do. You start socializing on Facebook, Twitter, or forums. You read blog after blog, never taking action on what you read. You excuse all of it as being for your business, but are you really getting things done? Exactly how are you benefitting your business?

Now, a certain level of these activities is normal and healthy for many online businesses. You can’t network socially online if you don’t use social websites of one sort or another. You can’t keep up with new developments relevant to your business if you don’t read up on it.

It’s when you overdo these things, or do them without a focus on how they benefit your business that they become a problem.

Stop Goofing Off

If you’ve sunk into this trap, it’s up to you to get yourself out of it. You must put limits on the activities that keep you from taking action with your online business. Remember that they’re tools for your business, and limit the playtime.

Also focus on the things that do improve your business. Depending on what you do, this may be closely related to the ways that you goof off when you lose focus, but if that’s the case, look at ways to ensure you don’t start playing when you should be working. I mean don’t start checking the Facebook statuses of your friends when you only meant to work on your business’s Facebook page; save it for when you aren’t working.

Really Look at Your Productivity

What is it you’re doing when you think you’re being productive? Are you really getting it all done, or is there an awful lot of play and wandering going on? If you’re having trouble earning the income you’d like, this could be a big chunk of the problem.

This is something I’m working on too. I know I get distracted when I ought to be working. Some of it’s due to having kids, but other times it’s simply not paying attention to the things I ought to be getting done.

Lucky (and unlucky, if I take things too far) for me, it’s my business. If I don’t work, nothing gets done, and the consequences are mine to deal with. I don’t have a job to lose. If you have a work at home job and you goof off too much, you stand to lose that job. It’s something you really need to watch out for.

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  1. Tanya says:

    Facebook is a big problem for me when I’m trying to get work done. I try to not even log into Facebook until my work for the day is done, Otherwise I get caught up in what I’m looking at and the time fly’s by.