Are You Using Promotional Items to Promote Your Business?

Just read a very interesting report from One of the biggest challenges for a business is getting your name remembered. They did a study on what made a business most memorable.

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that promotional items work best. 76.1% of people could remember the name of a business that gave them a promotional item, while only 53% remembered TV commercials, and online ads scored worst at 27%.

Of course, promotional items get expensive fast, and you need to make sure the item is appropriate and memorable. People get a LOT of pens, after all. They’re pretty effective, but something more creative may work better.

Promo products are also a great way to have something to hand people you meet when you’re out and about. A business card is good, but there are things that are less likely to be thrown away.

I strongly recommend reading this report and thinking about ways to promote your business.

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