And this is why you don’t put things you don’t want out in public on your MySpace page. A student teacher has been refused her credential due to a picture labeled “drunken pirate” on her MySpace page, because the college felt the photo was unprofessional. They felt the photo would encourage underage drinking.

Considering that she was rated superior or competent in all other areas, I find this ridiculous. It’s a part of her private life, and it’s certainly not that she was showing underage drinking. Drinking is legal for teachers off duty, after all.

I could even see the college informing her that it would be a good idea to take the image down and remind her that some would see it as unprofessional. But to deny her the credential she had earned over something so simple is ridiculous.

And yes, I would not expect them to require her to remove it. But recommending it seems fine to me.

I don’t mind holding teachers up to high professional standards. They are examples to our children. But that doesn’t mean they don’t get to lead normal lives at a private level. A simple reminder that students could easily find that page would say plenty. But the picture would have to be far more inappropriate than an image of a woman in a pirate hat drinking something from a cup to excuse denying a credential.

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