Beware Amazon “Package Shipped” Email Scams

Just thought I would quickly share one of the scam emails I got today. It claims to be from, about a purchase being shipped. They even include a shipping address in the email, so that you can see that it’s not going to your address. It’s not too hard to spot as a scam, however. Just take a look:

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This one didn’t bother to disguise their email address, for one. It’s very clearly not from Amazon. Their URL also isn’t particularly sneaky. Some do a much better job of making the URL look like something that comes from the company they claim to be from.

I blurred out the supposed shipping address on the off chance it’s someone’s real address, but I couldn’t resist leaving the “Appartments 4C” typo visible. It’s not the only typo on the page, which is another hint for the scam.

The most important thing to remember when you get an email you have any doubt of, whether the source is Amazon, your bank or any other site you deal with, is that you can type in the domain name or use your bookmarks. Don’t use links to visit a website when you doubt the source. Go to the domain in your usual way and check your account on your own, or even contact the company. It’s much safer than clicking on a phishing email.

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1 Response

  1. Good catch. I refuse to click on anything in an email from any online vendor if the link doesn’t have “https” in front of it.