When Life Goes Beyond Busy, How Do You Cope?

In a lot of ways, I’m still in shock about how last week went. I’ve rarely been so crazed in my life, in large part because I was so limited in what I could do to take control of the matter.

The server problems were out of my hands once I made the decision to go with a dedicated server. All I could do was wait for the IP and DNS to propagate once I did my part of the work. I wanted to take so much more action, but there was literally nothing I could do to speed things along.

Plus the phone kept ringing and ringing with people wanting to get information from me one way or the other. With the site down, what choice did they have?

Never mind that I never, ever get calls normally. It completely threw me off that I was getting them at first, but on a guess I had about a dozen on Thursday. Wasn’t exactly keeping count or anything, but for a time the phone was ringing quite regularly.

Add in the fact that I prefer not to avoid my family. For me, running a home business does mean I sometimes allow my family to take most of my time, other times the business takes over. But no matter what there are some things I will always do for my kids, and it’s more than simply being there.

When things get crazily busy, all you can do is decide what to drop. In my case this time around, it was the third item that has been making my life hectic of late – unpacking from the move.

Yep, we’re still living in part from boxes, which is no fun at all. But I was certainly willing to deal with that a little extra to cope with a business crisis.

Things are finally easing up a little. I’ve answered tons of emailed questions (~300 on a guess). A few addresses bounced back to me, which is a pity for those whose questions therefore didn’t get answered, but that’s how it goes.

All in all, it’s been an interesting lesson in just how much I can deal with. Pretty amazing, really.

How do you cope when your life goes from busy, to really, really busy?

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1 Response

  1. I’m glad to see your site is back up. 🙂

    I sometimes allow myself a crazy couple of days. Even if the kids watch more TV and eat something packaged. As long as normal life is slow-paced, I’m OK with occasional craziness.