It’s been COLD here lately by southern California terms. But the kids seem to be enjoying it.

We have one of those turtle shaped sandboxes. Most of the time it is filled with sand, but a while back the kids got the bright idea of putting some water in it. Then the rain we had several days ago added to that because it wasn’t covered.

Well, for the past few mornings it has thoroughly iced up. Every morning we head out at about 10 to see how much ice there is. Even that far into the morning, there’s often a good 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch of ice in there. And the kids have a blast breaking through it, taking the chunks and throwing them onto the patio to watch them shatter.

After just a few minutes, of course, all those little fingers are ice cold. Then I haul them inside for some hot chocolate or apple cider.

Yep. You can just tell my kids absolutely hate this cold snap. Really. 😆

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