Bubble Painting – Free Fun Friday

This is a fun way to mess around with the paints your kids already have. Kids like blowing bubbles, after all. You’ll need:

Bubble solution
Tempura paint
Shallow bowl
Newspaper or other protective covering for work area

Put the bowl on your covered work area. Pour in the bubble solution and add enough of one color of tempura paint to get to the color you want.

If you can trust the kids to not inhale this mixture, let them blow bubbles until they’re just over the rim of the bowl. If you think they’ll try to drink it or inhale by mistake, blow the bubbles yourself.

Have a child gently place the paper over the top of the bowl. The bubbles will pop and leave color on the paper.

You can repeat this on the same piece of paper with other colors. Just be sure the paper doesn’t get too soggy.

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1 Response

  1. what an awesome and inexpensive way to have fun with the kids.