Most people don’t have a lot of money to spend on running their home business. They need to be more practical and really think about where their money goes. These are some low to no cost activities you can do that may help you to build a home business.

Most are more time intensive than money intensive. That’s a trade you often have to make. If you have the money to risk on making things go faster you can go that way. If you don’t have the money you’re going to have to spend the time.

Shoestring 1: Blog

Blogs are highly affordable to run, even if you pay for hosting and a domain name. They take a lot of time to build up, but can bring a lot of targeted attention to whatever you’re trying to sell, whether it’s a product or a service.

Shoestring 2: Article marketing

Article marketing isn’t easy. You have to write a lot of articles in order to succeed. You have to submit them to at least one of the top directories. Submitting them to quality, relevant sites as a guest post is also a good plan.

Shoestring 3: Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking can build a great number of links. There are hundreds of sites out there where you can bookmark pages from your website. They’re not terribly strong links for the most part, but they’re still links.

Shoestring 4: Social networking

If you want to put a little more effort into particular networks, social networking sites can be great. You can create accounts on sites such as Twitter and Facebook and promote your products.

This is challenging in the amount of time it takes. You get more followers by giving good information, not just promoting your business. You can get plenty of followers by following other people, but if you aren’t getting them interested they won’t do you any good. You need numbers of engaged followers, not just followers.

Shoestring 5: Blog Commenting

Commenting on relevant blogs generally doesn’t bring a lot of traffic, but can bring some. It can show your knowledge in your industry. Just keep things relevant to the topic you’re commenting on and don’t constantly be promoting your site.

Shoestring 6: Forum Participation

Participating in forums can really help to bring people to your site, so long as you can leave links to your site in your signature line. As with blog commenting, you need to keep things relevant to your site and not be too promotional. Forum owners hate that and you’re likely to be banned and have posts deleted.

Shoestring 7: Squidoo Lenses

Creating a lens on Squidoo can feel as though you’re making content for someone else, but it’s also a way to build links to your own sites while earning a little income. They’re a little picky about certain topics, and have rules about how many times an individual lens can link to a particular domain, but within those rules they can be useful.

Some people build their entire business around Squidoo lenses.

With enough shoestrings for your business, you have a chance to tie up a pretty nice business. Keep working at it and you might go far.