Which business model would you rather follow? The work hard, rarely see your family and stress because there aren’t enough hours in the day model or the four hour work week dream?

It sure would be nice if it were easy to pick between them and get the exact results you want.

My kids’ sensei likes to say that it takes 5,000 repetitions to really learn a particular move. I’ve heard other people say it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert on something. However you care to phrase it, mastering a new skill takes a lot of time.

Why do we expect to be able to create a successful business in less time?

A part of the reason is because we don’t have to master every single skill if we can hire someone else to do it. You can focus on the skills you have already mastered or at least know more about, and pay someone else to do the things you don’t know so well or really shouldn’t be spending your time on. It can speed up success nicely.

How Do You Afford to Outsource?

I know all too well the pain of not having the money to outsource the things I would like to outsource. It adds up fast, and when you aren’t earning that much, it’s hard to pay out that money.

But outsourcing can help you to increase your earnings more quickly. If you can find a way to outsource the right parts of your business, it may pay back quickly.

Look at what your business is earning for you now. Can you afford a percentage to reinvest in your business? This can be a great source of money for outsourcing.

You may want to consider if you can spend some money outright on your business. If you can afford to increase the financial risk you’re taking, you might be able to build your business more quickly. Just don’t spend more than you can afford to lose.

Also consider some of the quick ways to earn money I’ve suggested elsewhere. They’re really handy if you know you can make the money go to work for you, and it’s worth the time to raise it in some way other than with your home business.

When Should You Outsource?

Be careful about the things you hire someone else to do for you. They should be things that aren’t worth your time to do, but need doing anyhow.

Bookkeeping and taxes are a great example. If you can have someone else handle these things, that can be hours of work saved.

Writing may or may not be something you should hire out. It depends on how much you want to have everything have a touch of your personality. If you really go for that personal touch in all your writing, it’s probably not the best choice for outsourcing.

But if you have a lot of product descriptions or a sales letter to write, a good copywriter is probably a far better choice than doing it yourself. A good copywriter will tremendously increase your sales. They can be very much so worth the expense.

Will Outsourcing Make You Successful?

No, absolutely not. Outsourcing is not going to make you succeed.

You are going to make you succeed. Or fail.

Done right, outsourcing can help you succeed sooner. It can make you fail sooner. It’s all up to how you do it.

Will Outsourcing Mean You Don’t Work as Hard?

Outsourcing is work too. It takes time and effort to find someone to do the work you need done, and get it done competently. It takes time to explain exactly what you need done and to be certain it happens that way.

In time, it can save you a lot of time. So long as you don’t assume that outsourcing itself is an easy process, and take the time to pick people who can help you succeed.

It’s not going to drop your work hours down to four hours a week instantly. You’re probably still going to spend thousands of hours mastering all the parts of your business you do run, not to mention mastering the management of freelance workers so that your outsourcing efforts don’t take up excessive time.

Keep at it and you’ll get to a work level that is right for you. You might even have the amount of success you’re after.