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The Mom Of A Toddler Home Workout

The Mom Of A Toddler Home Workout

There’s one very common goal for moms with toddlers in the house – finding time to exercise. That toddler might just be the key to getting your workout done. Who needs a gym membership with a toddler around? All you have to do is the mom of a toddler home workout.

Of course, my kids aren’t toddlers anymore. Teens don’t need to be chased nearly as much, although it can be fun. I still enjoy looking back on those days when my kids were so little.

take a walk

1. The Toddler Chase

Take toddler outside. Let him or her get a few steps ahead, then try to catch up.

This works particularly well with really adventurous toddlers. My youngest would gladly get 2-3 houses away from me, in the middle of the street, if I let her.

If your toddler isn’t a runner, you can at least get a nice walk. Most toddler love getting out and about.

2. Sit-ups

Go ahead. Try to do a sit-up with a toddler around. You’ll probably get a toddler on your tummy. Too bad sit-ups don’t work too well that way.

But you can change up the exercise. Stay in the sit-up position, get that toddler on your shins and start lifting your legs. You will get a workout. Toddlers make great weights.

3. What’s In His/Her Mouth

Be preoccupied for roughly 0.05 seconds. Realize toddler has put something in his or her mouth and is gagging on it. Remove it from toddlers tightly closed mouth. Repeat as often as your toddler finds something interesting to put into his or her mouth.

The Kitchen Cabinet Clear Out

4. The Kitchen Cabinet Clear Out

Let toddler into your kitchen. Let him or her clear out the plastic container cabinet and any other cabinet that they can safely play in.

Put everything back as toddler clears out each cabinet over again when you walk off. Repeat.

Be ready for a headache if your toddler discovers how much fun it is to bang metal pots and pans with other things. This can interrupt your workout or make it more urgent.

And pray they never discover where you keep the flour. Cleaning that up may be more of a workout than any mom of a toddler wants.

Computer Keyboard Rescue

5. Computer Keyboard Rescue

Realize toddler has started pounding on your keyboard, starting random programs and doing things you didn’t realize were possible with just the keyboard.

Whisk toddler away. Spin toddler around in your arms to stop the tears.

To increase the challenge, note that the toddler has a juice box in their hand.

6. Crayon On The Walls Scrub

Leave just one crayon in reach. When you’re expecting company, discover that toddler has drawn all over the walls with the crayon. Start scrubbing, hoping that this was one of the washable crayons, not the regular sort.

Check to see if toddler also chewed the crayon up. You might be scrubbing the carpet too.

Then start wondering if you’ve left any Sharpies in reach. Things could be worse. Especially if they combine marker with the couch.

This exercise may also be done with paints, food or anything else your child can smear on the walls.

If you need a lazy day, you can always do what these parents did.

Toddler Catch

7. Toddler Catch

Discover just barely in time that your toddler can climb the furniture or stairs… sort of. Catch toddler before he or she hits the ground and really starts screaming. Repeat anywhere from daily to several times an hour until toddler gets bored with climbing, gets good at it or is finally ready for a nap.

You wish baby gates would always help with keeping your toddler off the stairs, but there comes that day when a gate is not enough to stop your little climber.

8. Liquid Soap Slip-Up

Find out that toddler has used new climbing skills to reach the liquid soap dispenser and has now fingerpainted the entire bathroom floor, walls, cabinet, and counter. Please note that this exercise is best not done in the middle of the night. Especially if you discover it by accident.

9. Pick Me Up!

Toddler wants to be picked up now! No, down! No, up!

Bonus points if your toddler starts arching his or her back to get away or starts squirming to look at something. Some days it won’t matter whether you’ve picked your child up or put them down, it’s the wrong answer. But the more sore your back is, the more likely it is that they’ll want up.

The Suddenly Open Door

10. The Suddenly Open Door

Your toddler discovers how to open the front door all by themselves. How fast do you run when you realize your little one has gotten out alone? This is related to The Toddler Chase, but may be more urgent, depending on how quickly you discover the open door.

11. The Toilet Plunge

Work your arms as you try to figure out just what your toddler put down the toilet. Will the plunger clear it, or are you looking at a bill from the plumber?

Pray that this is not related to the next exercise.

The Missing Keys Scramble

12. The Missing Keys Scramble

You have somewhere to be, but your keys are missing. Your toddler was playing with them earlier. Where are they now? Where???

May also be played with your cell phone.

13. The LEGO Hop

One of the most painful exercises. Discover the hard way that your toddler has left their LEGO Duplo blocks on the floor. Try to find your way out of the block minefield without hurting your feet too much. This exercise will be repeated more painfully with regular LEGO blocks as your child gets older.

As your toddler keeps you running, just remember that these times go by really fast. Don’t think of all the trouble as trouble. See it as one more way you’re being active.

Don’t worry. My kids didn’t pull all of these on me when they were little. But they made enough mischief to keep me moving back then.

14. The Naptime Thump

Your toddler should be asleep, but what was that thump in their room. Did he or she learn how to get out of the crib? It’s hard to say which will get you moving faster after the thump – silence or a loud cry.

What would you add to the mom of a toddler home workout? Are there any special tricks your kids pulled?

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Murphy’s Laws of Parenting You Can’t Escape

Murphy's Laws of Parenting You Can't Escape

Raising a family is a lot of work. Fun, but lots and lots of work. So many things go wrong no matter how carefully you try to make them go right. With the right attitude, it can be funny at times. You can certainly argue that there are Murphy’s laws of parenting.

These are the things that make your day to day life as a parent more difficult. Some of them also make for great stories when talking to other parents, because they all get it. They’ve been there too. And so…

Murphy’s Laws of Parenting

1. Never claim to be done with the laundry. Your children will generate more dirty clothes spontaneously.

2. Your child will outgrow that perfect outfit right before you want them to wear it. This is one of the few rules that applies as well to infants as to teens.

3. You will find that box of handmedown clothes after your child has outgrown that size.

4. Teaching your child to help around the house is harder than doing it yourself. It will pay off eventually, but not as soon as you would like.

5. No, your child doesn’t like their favorite food today. Unless you’re eating it. Then they’ll snag all of it from your plate.

6. That food they tried for the first time off your plate and loved it? They’re never eating that one again.


7. A clean floor will spontaneously generate Legos or other small toys to step on.

8. Your child will discover the magic that is scissors and hair the day before school or family pictures are taken.

9. The length of your child’s nap is inversely proportional to how long you need them to nap.

10. Glitter is forever…. forever in your hair, forever on the floor, the counters….

11. The more important the phone call, the less important the thing your child insists on telling you in the middle of the call will be.


12. Messy crafts are more appealing than ones that are easy to clean up after. Some kids can make any craft messy.

13. Silence is suspicious. They ARE up to something.

14. Your bathroom is no longer a private place. It doesn’t matter who else is around, your kids will want YOU when you’re in the bathroom.

15. The messier your clothes are, the more likely you are to run into someone you know when running errands.

16. That thing you swore your kids would never do back before you had kids? Yeah. They’re going to do it.

17. If you throw away toys they no longer play with, they will want them the next day.

18. The cuter the outfit, the bigger the diaper blowout.

19. Babies will always soil a fresh diaper. Especially when you’re in a hurry.

20. The more diapers you pack for an outing, the more changes your child will need. Usually at least one more change than you brought diapers.

21. The thing you forget to pack will be the thing your child needs most.

22. A diaper will always leak on freshly washed bedding.

23. The box is more interesting than the toy that came in it.

24. The more your child wanted the toy, the faster it will break or lose a piece.

sleeping child

25. A  child who naps in the car will not continue that nap at home, no matter how badly needed.

26. The sicker the child, the more they will want to snuggle with you.

27. A clean floor attracts spilled food and drink.

28. The more tired you are, the less tired they are.

29. A sick child will appear healthy at the pediatrician’s office, then be sick again at home.

30. Your child will tell people exactly what you don’t want them to say. Even if that person is a stranger.

Most of these relate to when your kids are small, no doubt because that’s when they have the least control over themselves. Many of these challenges go away as kids get older.

That doesn’t mean you get a break. Older kids mean new challenges.


Teens, in particular, can catch you off guard. They’re testing limits and getting ready for adulthood, but they still need you so much. And the more they need you, the less some of them want to admit it. Which is why they have their own, separate section here. It’s harder to come up with generalized laws for parenting teens because they vary so much!

1. The more supplies a school project needs, the closer to the due date they will inform you.

2. They will make the same mistakes you did, even if you try to help them avoid the mistakes.

3. Plus new mistakes that weren’t even possible when you were young.

4. Their biggest problems come when you are busiest.

5. Even more than when they were little, they notice when you do things you told them not to do.

6. Teens can sleep better than babies.

7. All that time you spent teaching your kids to dress appropriately for the weather when they were younger won’t matter when they’re teens. They’ll wear shorts all winter or a jacket all summer.

8. Some days everything you say to a teen will be the wrong thing to say. Even “Good morning.”

Fortunately, teens can also be a lot of fun to talk with, as they develop opinions of their own. They may challenge your rules, but they’re also learning to face the world on their own.

So many of the little frustrations that come with being a parent of kids at any age will be things you look back on fondly later. Enjoy what you can and don’t let the challenging parts get you too far down.

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Work at Home Ad Translator

Work at Home Ad Translator

Have you ever wondered what some of the more common phrases in scammy work at home ads really mean? If you took most of them literally, you’d expect the entire world to be rich, just from the sheer lack of effort made in various home businesses. I’ve created this work at home ad translator to interpret what many of these ads really mean… or at least how I see them.

Some scammy work at home ads can be very similar to legitimate work at home ads. That has always been a part of the challenge. Sometimes you have to take a look at the awful scams out there and mock them.

Sarcasm ahead.

No Selling Required!

It’s not selling if you just tell everyone you meet that it’s a great product, right? Your family, friends, acquaintances, coworkers, random people you meet on the street, kids, neighbor’s dog and so forth should be grateful that you take the time to tell them about these wonderful products. They will beat a path to your door if you do so.

No Experience Required

That’s right, no experience required, and you’re not going to get much in the way of experience here. Unless you count the life experience of losing money to a scam. That’s worth something, right?

Make Money Doing Online Surveys

You don’t mind that most will pay in pennies or points, do you? Very few online surveys will be worth your time, although a few will pay well.

Free Money Making Website

Free website that we offer to all our suckers… err, members. Hope you don’t mind that it looks like every other member’s website. And just wait until you see our upsells!

Earn Money In Your Sleep

Not going to happen until you’ve put in a ton of effort. You might even lose some sleep over it. You’re certainly going to lose money.

Free Trial

Just give us your credit card information. Your trial will be up before you know it. Is our product easy to cancel? Just wait and see. Our helpful customer service department will try everything to keep you from canceling.

Get Paid To Type

All you have to do is type in ads to convince other people to fall for the same scam! It’s easy. You deserve to make the money you lost to us back somehow right?

Act Now! Only X Y Slots Open!

We don’t care that we can allow as many people as we want to download our electronic product. Matter of fact, we’ve done that already. But if you think we’re limiting our sales you might forget to do your due diligence. So hurry up, will ya?

Earn Money On Autopilot

Rather like earning money while you sleep. It can happen, but it’s not going to be as fast or as easy for most people as the ad claims… and it might not happen at all. The odds of it happening with this particular product are probably worse than trying to earn money on autopilot by building your own business.

No Limit To Your Earnings

Um, you do know that includes a lower limit, right? You’re as likely to earn nothing as something, not to mention the money you’ll lose trying this.

(Google) (Twitter) (Other Popular Site) Will Pay You $x,xxx Per Month!

If you follow our instructions, you might manage to waste a lot of time, lose some money advertising, not to mention paying us and have next to nothing for it. Sometimes we don’t even know who we’re pretending will be paying you. We trust you not to notice the mixups.

You Can Be A Secret Shopper!!!

While there are legitimate secret shopper opportunities out there, look out for the scams. Anyone who tells you to deposit a check in your account and wire part back to them is running a scam.

Join The Next Billion Dollar Industry

Yep. That’s right. We’re creating a new industry and it’s going to make a billlllion dollars! Join us. One of us! One of us! We’re totally trustworthy and our products are the most awesome ever.

Make Money On Social Media

Desperately post ads on social media and watch as your family and friends start to hide your posts and you get blocked from every Facebook group you try this on.

Make Money Posting Ads

Annoy every site you ever visit by posting ads in the comments. It’s a great business model, trust us! Don’t worry about how many people will report you and get you banned from all kinds of sites. You’ll earn plenty, honest!

Send $$ To Get A List Of Legitimate Work At Home Jobs

You can probably find this same information for free online. It may take more research, but your results will be better once you know what you’re doing than if you pay some random person who posted an ad.

As Seen On…

We bought an ad there once. We’re not exactly welcome back.

Email Me For More Information

If I posted here what the opportunity is, you’d call it out as a scam. This way I get your email address. You’ll never get rid of me now!

I hope this work at home ad translator helps you read though any of the scammy work at home ads you find. What common phrases do you see in work at home ads that need to be translated?

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How To Distract Your Cats When You Work At Home

How To Distract Your Cats When You Work At Home

When it comes to work at home distractions, cats can rank right up there with kids. An affectionate cat may not settle for a mere lap – they want your keyboard, or maybe that spot right in front of your monitor. It can be very necessary to distract your cats when you work at home.

Closing your home office door isn’t always enough, either. Cats find closed doors quite intriguing. They’ll scratch or meow at it enough to be a distraction for you as you try to work. They don’t necessarily want in; they just want that door open so they have the option.

I have four cats here. Three are completely loyal to me, and it’s common to have all four in and out of my office as I work. If I don’t have things set up, they walk across my desk, across me, use me for a scratching post (gently), or sit on my head and chair headrest. That last gets a bit awkward, but it’s kind of funny too.

Set Up A Cat Trap (Bed)

Setting up a place for the cats to sleep in my office that isn’t on me or my desk is one of my most effective techniques. Give them a comfortable place to sleep, and cats probably will. Cats love to sleep, so it’s the perfect way to distract your cats.

We have a sherpa blanket from Costco that we joke is the perfect cat trap. My cats cannot walk across it without stopping to purr and knead. I just plunk it on my futon and let it attract the cats. It’s absurdly effective.

I also keep a small blanket on an out of the way corner of my desk, for those cats who need to be close. It’s not as nice as the sherpa blanket, but sometimes a cat will pick it.

Alternatively, put a piece of paper on the ground. Cats can’t resist that for some reason. They may not stay long, but they will sit on the paper.

sleepy cats

Give Them A View

If the cat trap doesn’t work, an open window blind might. Cats love to have a view.

At the very least, make it easy for them to get to the window through the blinds. I usually have to open them or the cats will work noisily at getting past them, or complain to me that they can’t. They love watching the birds and lizards outside, as well as glaring at evil interlopers, such as stray cats or a dog walking by. One of my cats even growls at the mailman.

If the weather is suitable, cats are even happier if you open the window so they can smell the world outside. That doesn’t work so well in hot or cold weather, but it’s great on mild days.

Keep Their Toys Out Of Your Home Office

Just as with children’s toys, you’re best off keeping your home office clear of cat toys. Cat toys aren’t usually all that loud, but the cats can get quite active playing with them, and it’s a distraction.

Instead, keep a good supply of cat toys elsewhere. We have these little mouse toys with feathers that the cats all utterly adore. We used to get them at Walmart, but these days Amazon is our only choice. The feathers and the fur make all the difference in comparison to other mouse toys, which my cats completely ignore.

Beware that one cat who must display her “kill” to you. My cat Melody has to go around the house when she catches a toy, meowing loudly to announce her kill. We haven’t been able to teach her that it’s rude to talk with her mouth full.

Set Up A Cat Tree In Another Room

Cats love to get up high. A nice tall cat tree in another room will encourage them to go there for their climbing and scratching needs.

It won’t be entirely effective, most likely. One of my cats likes to scratch (gently) on my jeans for attention, while another likes to see how far up the back of my office chair he can stretch. But it helps.

melody and river

Have More Than One Cat

I always get cats in pairs. They’ll bother you less when they have a friend to play with. This is easiest to do when you initially adopt the cats, but it is possible to work a new cat into a household. If possible, have a friend be the one to carry the cat into the house – your cats might blame the friend rather than you for the interloper.

Get A Fish Tank To Distract Your Cats

We call our fish tank “cat TV.” The cats love to watch the fish and are eternally convinced that they will someday catch that algae eater. He’s their favorite target. Fish are a great way to distract your cats and to get a few laughs watching the cats trying to get the fish. We put tape sticky side up on top of the tank to keep the cats off.

cat tv

Let Them Storm The Castle

My cats have inherited a popup castle from my kids. They play in it far more than the kids ever did. The only hard part is keeping the castle standing. One of the cats is named Storm, so there are always jokes about Storm in the castle. It makes a great place for the cats to wrestle each other.

Have fun, Storm in the castle

Play With Them When You Aren’t Working

Get your cats used to playing with you when you aren’t trying to work. My son’s cat (she chose him, she’s the only cat not loyal to me here), demands her playtime with him every evening around nine or so. She goes to her murder hole (the space between the seats on our couch recliner) and waits for his fingers to appear so she can attack. It’s utterly adorable watching her wait for him to notice her, and then attack. It looks ferocious, but it’s gentle.

Few things will distract your cats completely when you work at home, short of closing your office door, and even that can be only so effective at keeping them quiet. You can, however, make it easier for them to choose to be out of your way. Most of them will also generate endless cute moments with your cats, which you can always enjoy.

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Cat vs. Policeman Writing a Ticket

I came across this on Discovery News and it was too cute to resist sharing here. The cat is just too sweet and demanding of attention, making it incredibly difficult for the officer to do his job.

I know a cat almost that sweet in my neighborhood, except she doesn’t climb people. But she doescome running for attention every time she sees people walking, even across the street. Drives her owners nuts because she’s not so bright about cars.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post may be 'affiliate links.' This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.

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