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How To Find Remote Entry Level Jobs

How To Find Remote Entry Level Jobs

One of the hardest times to find work is when you have no experience. Many employers want you to have at least some experience, so there are a lot of jobs you just don’t qualify for, regardless of your education. It can be even harder to find remote entry level jobs.

But a lack of experience doesn’t necessarily mean you have no qualifications. You need to take a better look at the qualifications you have, and how you can demonstrate them to potential employers.

Remote entry level jobs are out there. They can be hard to get since the qualifications aren’t as demanding as jobs that require experience, but they are out there.

Just because a job is entry level doesn’t mean they won’t require that you have certain skills. Medical transcriptionists and medical coders, for example, have to take training courses before they can work in those fields. Employers aren’t going to take you on if you have no skills appropriate to the job you’re seeking.

Consider Your Skills

The first thing you need to do is consider the skills you have. What have you learned to do in high school, college, technical school, online school, or any other training you’ve taken?

Also look at any volunteer work you’ve done. Volunteer work can be counted as experience. If it’s something you’ve done regularly, it can at least use to show that you can keep to a schedule. Depending on the volunteer work you do, it may give you some practical skills as well.

Some companies have online tests they will give you to determine if you’re qualified to work for them. Transcription companies, for example, may have you transcribe a sample dictation. Other companies will test your typing speed.

You should also make sure that you have a good workspace and can avoid all distractions while you’re working. This includes your kids. Working at home doesn’t necessarily mean you can watch the kids too.

Possible Employers For Remote Entry Level Jobs

There are a number of employers that may be hiring for remote entry level jobs. I can’t promise which ones are hiring at any given time, but this is a place to start. Not every position with these companies will be entry level of course.

entry level customer service

Remote Entry Level Customer Service And Phone Jobs

Advise Tech – Prefers to hire college students and retirees for just a few hours of work as a telemarketer per week to start.

Continental Message – Pay attention to the location listed for work at home positions here. They may require you live in a particular area. It requires 1 year prior work experience, but there is no apparent requirement that it be in customer service.

LiveOps – While having experience helps, you can get started with LiveOps without experience. As you work you can build the experience needed to get onto the better accounts. This is an independent contractor position. This means any training you need for different accounts is unpaid.

NexRep – Take calls for various companies while working as an independent contractor.

Sitel – Handle incoming calls that may include account or billing inquiries, product orders, scheduling and more. This is an employee position, not independent contractor. Experience is preferred but not required for some positions. Benefits available for full time employees.

SiteStaff – This company hires independent contractor chat hosts to work from home. They don’t list experience requirements, but you do need to type 65-75 wpm and be able to handle multiple chats at once.

Sykes – This company says customer service experience is nice to have, but not required. This is a regular employee job, not an independent contractor position. Unlike many work at home customer service positions, this one offers benefits, and you’re paid per hour you’re scheduled, not per minute you talk.

Talk2Rep – The job listings show that customer service or sales experience is a plus, but it does not say required. Other than that, you need to be able to type, use their software, and have good grammar, spelling and communication skills. You also need to have a high school diploma and general education degree. Some positions require that you be bilingual.

[email protected] – This used to be [email protected] Some customer service positions with this company do not require experience.

U-Haul – Search for “work at home” on their job site to find openings. Positions may include customer service or roadside assistance positions.

Working Solutions – You can apply at Working Solutions regardless of experience, but the programs you qualify for may depend on your experience. It can take weeks to hear back if you have been accepted as an independent contractor agent. If you are accepted, then you can apply for the programs you are interested in.

See more remote customer service jobs here.

Online Research Jobs

Wonder – This company posts leads on my job board sometimes. People ask questions on their site, and researchers find the answers for them. I’ve seen on some reviews that they can be very picky about answer quality.

entry level social media

Social Media And Search Engine Evaluators

Appen – Appen offers a variety of remote positions, but most openings are for social media evaluators or web search evaluators. Social media evaluators need to be active users of social media. Evaluators can set their own schedules. Appen has recently acquired Leapforce, which does similar work. It is not clear as of this writing if the companies’ job listings will be combined or remain separate.

iSoftStone – Most of the opportunities listed here are for search engine evaluators in various countries around the world. There may be other opportunities as well, such as transcription.

Lionbridge – This company may have evaluator jobs available around the world. The job description for the US expects potential ad evaluators to be daily users of the internet who can provide feedback on the ads connected to searches. Jobs may require the use of a smartphone.

Entry Level Social Media Jobs

Any of these jobs will require that you are familiar with social media at least through your own use. Excellent writing skills will also be a plus.

Crisp Thinking – Review the risks on the clients’ social media account. You must be very social media savvy.

ICUC – Content specialists for this company help manage the social reputations of various brands. Many positions require that you be bilingual.

LiveWorld – This company looks for people who can handle social media interactions as a customer service agent. Experience is a plus but not required. Positions may require that you be bilingual.

Mod Squad – If this company accepts you as a freelancer, you might moderate forums, chat with customers, or help with clients’ social media. You choose which projects you want to join and the schedule you want to work.

See more remote social media jobs here.

entry level teaching

Remote Entry Level Teaching And Tutoring Jobs

Cambly – Working as an English language tutor with Cambly requires no experience. Pay is per minute, and you set your own hours to talk to students who are learning English all over the world.

Englishunt – This company has two kinds of positions they may hire tutors for. The first is video tutoring, and requires a teaching certificate. The second, phone tutoring, does not require a certificate. They want all candidates to have at least a two year degree. As this is international teaching, much of the available work is in the middle of the night or early morning.

iTalki – It doesn’t matter what language you speak, you can offer your services as a tutor on iTalki. This is an international opportunity. As a Community Tutor, you need only native fluency in the language you’re teaching. Professional Teachers have to share their credentials. You have to attract your own students and can set your own rates on their system.

Samespeak – This is one of the few work at home companies I have seen that hires as young as 16 years old. They don’t seem to hire very often, and as of this writing have a surplus of coaches. Your first language must be English. – To become a tutor on this site, you need to be an expert in your subject, and be at least a sophomore in college or have a college degree. You must be able to teach at least five hours a week. Your pay rate depends on the subject you teach.

See more remote education jobs here.

Telephone Mystery Shopping

ARC Consulting – The site doesn’t list any specific experience requirements. They encourage parents, grandparents, people with disabilities, and students to apply.

Call Center QA – Perform telephone mystery shops and fill out a brief form. Payout is in 7 days.

Confero – You must be at least 21 to sign up for mystery shopping with this company. They offer both in person and telephone mystery shopping opportunities.

Perception Strategies – Healthcare mystery shopping, including telephone and in person visits.

SkilCheck – This company requires that you have an unlimited calling plan as they do not reimburse for phone charges.

remote entry level writing jobs

Remote Entry Level Transcription Jobs

Accutran Global – This company hires entry level transcriptionists as independent contractors to transcribe on a variety of topics, such as business meetings, teleconferences, focus groups and more. Pay is $0.004 to $0.0055 per word or $0.40 per audio minute as of this writing.

CastingWords – A freelance transcription site that is very flexible. Your pay is based in part on the quality of your transcriptions.

Daily Transcription – This company posts job leads fairly often on my online job board. They accept beginners but warn that the work may be challenging. The transcription is often of footage, including reality television and interviews.

GMR Transcription – Hires general transcriptionists without experience. Spanish speaking transcription/translation positions may also be available. Also hires certified translators.

Go Transcript – Pays up to $0.60 per audio or video minute. Hires worldwide and only requires excellent English skills.

Quicktate – Take their test and pay for their background check to see if you qualify. Pay is low, but that’s common for entry level transcription.

Rev – Take a grammar and transcription test, and they’ll let you know if they want you as a freelancer. As of this writing, they’re only taking emails, as they have enough freelancers at the moment. But it’s worth a look to see if they’re hiring again.

Scribie – Pay at this company is very low. As of this writing, their website states that their rates are $5-20 per audio hour. They break transcriptions up into 6 minute segments, which means each segment is worth $0.50-2.00. It usually takes longer than 6 minutes to transcribe a 6 minute recording, making your hourly rate depend on how many segments you can do per hour.

SpeechPad – You have to pass a grammar test and a transcription test before taking on work. You can select jobs listed that you’re qualified for, and improve your qualifications over time. Pay rate varies quite a bit by assignment.

Tigerfish – This company has been around quite a while and has a transcription test anyone can take to see if they qualify. They also warn you that each test segment should take you no more than 20 minutes, because if you can’t transcribe at least that fast, it probably won’t be worth your while.

TranscribeMe – This may be one of the easiest ways to try out general transcription as a work at home job. There’s an entrance exam, after which you have to wait to hear from them. Once you’re hired, you work entirely on your own schedule. The transcriptions are broken up into very small segments. Pay is not that great.

The Transcription Agency – This company hires only in the UK and does not require experience. They also offer translation services, but the website does not make it clear how to work for them as a translator or what the requirements are for that.

See more remote general transcription jobs here.

Remote Entry Level Translator And Interpreter Jobs

Any kind of remote entry level translator or interpreter job will still require fluency in the languages you use in your work. There will be some kind of test to prove that you can provide quick and accurate translations or interpretations.

Gengo – Once you’re approved to work for this company, you pick the projects you want to work on.

LanguageLine – You must have native or near native fluency in English and one other language. A high school diploma is required, and they prefer education in translation or interpretation, but it is not required.

See more remote translator jobs here.

Entry Level Virtual Assistant Jobs

Fancy Hands – If you’re good on the phone and the computer, you can apply to do small tasks at this company. You might make appointments or reservations for someone, or find a hotel for their vacation. Pay is through Dwolla.

Vicky Virtual – This is work as a virtual receptionist, so you’re mostly on the phone. They like people with a sense of humor.

entry level writer

Remote Entry Level Writing Jobs

Most remote writing jobs are freelance, although you can find the occasional position as an employee. Pay ranges from pathetic to quite good, depending on the employer.

I have a lot of freelance writing opportunities listed at 115 Places To Find Freelance Writing Gigs. Some may require experience, but most care only about how well you write.

Blog Mutt – Ghostwrite blog posts on your choice available topics. If a customer chooses your post, you get paid.

ClearVoice – Fill out your portfolio thoroughly with this company to get matched with clients who might pick you. Payment is through Paypal on approval of your assignment.

Content Divas – This company has you write a sample article and sample blog post to decide if you might be a fit.

Online Writing Jobs – Write for different brands. Pay goes up to $50 per article.

Postloop – Sites that are trying to get forums started pay writers at this company to post on their forums. Pay is per post. It probably isn’t a lot of money, but the work should be easy so long as you make quality posts.

WriterAccess – Take tests to determine the level you start at. You can improve your level (and pay rate) by getting good reviews and being on time with your assignments.

See more remote writing jobs here.

Alternatives To Remote Entry Level Jobs

A remote entry level job is not your only option if you want to work at home. There are a number of other things you can do that don’t require that you have experience – only skills.

Starting a blog is one example. It’s very easy to start a blog. There’s no guarantee that you will earn a living from it – ever – but some people do very well as bloggers. It’s an affordable enough option that it’s worth the try if you’re interested.

You can consider a more traditional option such as starting a daycare if you have a good place for that. You may want to consider some certification before you start – the Red Cross offers childcare training as well as first aid training, and these can be good skills to have.

Freelance work is another option. Freelance work can be a path to a traditional career or a business you run for many years. Sites such as Upwork make it easy to get started even if you don’t have experience. It takes time to build up a good portfolio as a freelancer, but it can be quite worthwhile.

Some people sell on Amazon, eBay or Etsy and do quite well. These kinds of businesses have their own challenges and are riskier financially as you have to buy things so you can sell them, but they can become very profitable if you know what you’re doing.

Whatever you do, don’t give up on the idea of finding a work at home job, even if you have to create your own. Remote entry level jobs are out there. Be persistent and find one that works for you.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are 'affiliate links.' This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post may be 'affiliate links.' This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.

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Medical Transcription Companies That Offer Remote Jobs

Medical Transcription Companies That Offer Remote Jobs

Once you have medical transcription training, you need a job. If you’re reading this, odds are that you want a remote job, something you can do from home. While medical transcription jobs aren’t as common as they used to be, they are still out there. You simply have to find the medical transcription companies that offer remote jobs.

The school you attended, if you’re a recent graduate, may help you find a job. If it has been a while or you’re now an experienced transcriptionist looking for a different position, you have to do more of your own searching.

I’ve found a number of companies that hire medical transcriptionist for remote jobs. Many require experience, but others consider training through an AHDI certified program such as the one through Career Step to be acceptable.

You can generally assume that all of these jobs will require a high speed internet connection and a reasonably recent computer. Many will require a Windows operating system. Some employers will provide you with your foot pedal, headset and other gear. Others may expect you to provide your own.

I do not know which of these companies are hiring right now or if they will be hiring soon. Check back regularly with any companies that interest you if they aren’t hiring when you look. I think medical transcription is harder to get into than when I did it, but still possible.

The Big Medical Transcription Companies

These are the two biggest medical transcription companies out there, so far as I know. There are a lot of smaller companies, which I will list next. Many smaller companies have been merged with or bought out by these two companies.


Back when I was a medical transcriptionist, I worked for a company called Medquist. They merged with M*Modal several years ago, but I didn’t work there at the time. I can’t speak as to how things have changed since I left, years before the merge, but Medquist was a decent employer for a new medical transcriptionist.

They still hire people who are new to medical transcription but have successfully completed acceptable training. Otherwise, you must have at least one year of experience as a medical transcriptionist.

They pay per 65 character line, and payday is every other Friday.

When I worked for Medquist, they were very good at accommodating my schedule. They did, however, expect me to stick to the agreed upon schedule. This is still true of them. They cannot guarantee that they can accommodate all scheduling requests, but they try.

Nuance Transcription Services

Nuance is one of the big companies out there. You may be familiar with their speech recognition program, Dragon. Even with that tool, they hire medical transcriptionists to check the dictations doctors send in, to ensure that they are transcribed and formatted completely accurately.

You must have experience or acceptable training. How much experience may depend upon the position you apply for. Benefits may be available for full time employees. Schedules are flexible.

Other Medical Transcription Companies

Eight Crossings

Applicants for jobs with Eight Crossings must have at least two years of multi specialty experience. If you have graduated from an approved medical transcription training program, you may be considered as well.

You must be able to process 1000 lines per day that you’re scheduled. Your schedule is flexible.


InfraWare provides a dictation plaform for medical professionals. They also offer transcription services bundled with their technology. Transcriptionists who want to work with InfraWare clients must have at least two years of experience in medical transcription. Some positions require at least five years of experience.


Med-Scribe has been around since 1992. Positions are often part time and may be second shift.

Three years of medical transcription experience is required. Report types typically include History and Physicals, Operative Notes, Consults, Discharge & Summaries as well as Diagnostics. They prefer that you have ChartNet experience, but it is not required.

Preferred Transcriptions

Applicants for medical transcription positions must have at least two years of experience. You must have your own equipment, including antivirus software. A minimum of 20 hours a week is required.


Must have appropriate training and at least three years medical transcription experience. CMT preferred. Transcription to include acute care, clinic, radiology and/or pathology.

Also hires editors and QA for medical dictation.


Full and part time medical transcriptionist positions may be available and experience is required. Prefers transcriptionists with either a certificate or certification.

SpectraMedi also hired QA editors and medical billers. Once again, experience is required.


StenTel is another company that has doctors use voice recognition software for their transcriptions, and then uses medical transcriptionists to ensure that it’s accurate.

Medical transcription opportunities with StenTel are generally for independent contractors, not employees. Their application asks about the software you’re familiar with as well as the rates you expect. If you don’t have experience, I wouldn’t assume that you can get top rates for your work. They also want to know if you have a foot pedal, as well as basic facts about your computer.


Ubiqus hires only U.S. based, English speaking transcriptionists. They strongly prefer at least 1-5 years of transcription experience or professional medical transcription training.

Deadlines can be very strict. Pay is every two weeks. Transcriptionist positions are for independent contractors – you will not be considered an employee. Positions are part time and they can work with your schedule.

United Transcription

United Transcription hires U.S. based medical transcriptionists for straight transcription. You must have at least three years of experience and excellent quality scores. This is NOT open to entry level candidates.

This position is best for those who are familiar with ESL dictation.

There are, of course, many other medical transcription companies out there. Some require you to work in the office, but others will offer remote jobs. Take a look around, and see what you can find if none of these work out.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post may be 'affiliate links.' This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.

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11 Companies That Offer Remote Medical Coding Jobs

Companies That Offer Remote Medical Coding Jobs

Remote medical coding is a popular choice for people who want to work at home. Once you’ve finished your online medical coding training, it’s time to start looking for a job. The hard part is finding companies that offer such jobs.

Most companies that have remote medical coding jobs require at least 2-3 years of experience. This means that no matter how well your training went, you probably won’t find a remote or online position right away.

This is actually a good thing, as experience teaches you things you won’t have learned in your training. Working in an office with more experienced people around you will help you gain the experience you need to do the job successfully at home. Some companies will even let you transition to a remote position once you’ve proven your accuracy.

Get the credentials needed for better medical coding positions as soon as you can. A CCS, CCP or other credential can open up opportunities to you.

Here are some companies that offer remote medical coding jobs. Most will require experience and are fairly strict about it.


Accentus is a part of Nuance Health, a company that offers healthcare IT solutions such as speech recognition and tools for more accurate medical coding. Accentus offers jobs in both Canada and the United States. Coders must have a CCS or CCS-P and/or CPC or CPC-H, RHIT and RHIA as well as 3-5 years of coding experience.


Acusis hires medical transcriptionists and medical coders. Each requires 3+ years of relevant experience. Medical coding positions require appropriate AHIMA or AAPC certifications. Most positions are home based, although some may be available in an office.

Altegra Health

Altegra Health hires for a variety of remote medical coding jobs. They typically require about three years of experience plus appropriate certification, but this may vary by position. Not all positions are home based.


Aviacode offers contract remote medical coding jobs. Applicants must have appropriate certification through either AAPC or AHIMA as well as at least two years of experience, depending on the positions.


Lexicode is now a part of Excela, a global provider of transaction processing solutions and enterprise information management. Some positions require only 1-2 years of coding experience. Appropriate certifications such as CPC, CCS and so forth are required.

HCA Healthcare

HCA Healthcare offers a range of work from home opportunities. It’s not just for medical coders. However, as that’s the focus here, note that they expect the usual credentials and at least two years experience for medical coding positions.


Himagine Solutions hires medical coders for a variety of specialties, such as inpatient, outpatient, HCC, emergency, and others. Positions typically require a RHIA, RHIT and /or CCS as well as at least three years of experience.


Humana hires various work at home health care professionals, including medical coders. Some positions may require limited travel. Medical coding jobs require a CPC, CCS, RHIA, or RHIT.

Maxim Health Information Services

Maxim helps many well known organizations fill medical coding positions. These positions may be long term, short term or permanent. Full time positions include benefits.


nThrive hires medical coders and clinical documentation improvement specialists for remote positions. These positions require certifications such as RHIA or RHIT or CCS, CCA or similar, and prefers certifications relevant to your specialty. Two years of recent, hands on medical coding experience is required.

United Health Group

United Health Group has a range of telecommuting positions available, not just medical coding. Optum is the part of the company that handles medical coding. Appropriate AHIMA or AAPC certifications are required, along with 3+ years of coding experience.

These are just some of the companies out there that hire people for remote medical coding jobs. You can find more listings on the Home With The Kids Online Job Board.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post may be 'affiliate links.' This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.

Last Updated April 11th, 2017

Amazon Is Adding 5000 New Work At Home Jobs This Year

Amazon sent out a news release that they are planning to add 5000 new part time work at home jobs in their Virtual Customer Service program over the next year. They’ve hired people to work at home for the past five years, and this is a big expansion of that program.

One of the great parts about Amazon’s part time jobs is that they come with benefits if you work at least 20 hours a week. This includes paying 95% of college tuition costs for in-demand fields, even if they aren’t fields you would use at Amazon. Such employees also get the usual life, vision and dental coverage, plus funding toward health coverage. That’s a pretty wonderful deal for a part time job, since many don’t offer benefits to part timers.

Amazon has a focus on hiring military veterans and spouses, and of course the jobs are great for college students and stay at home moms and dads.

To keep an eye out for work at home positions at amazon, visit their jobs page and find the “Work at Home” link in the hourly positions section. The jobs currently available will come up. Sometimes they need people who speak a second language, such as German, Italian or Japanese. Some jobs are geared specifically toward college students in certain states. Others may be seasonal.

The jobs I see as of this writing require that you live in Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia, Wisconsin or Virginia. I assume that requirement will continue, but it doesn’t hurt to keep an eye out in other states in case they expand it. The news release has a quote from an employee who moved from California to Washington state, neither of which are listed in the ads I checked, so I hope there will be broader openings.

Amazon’s current usual pay rate for customer service jobs is $10 an hour. Expect things to be busy… very busy, in fact, from November through mid-January, as that’s their peak season. You probably know how much people shop at that time of year, so be prepared for a lot of work at that time of year.


Disclosure: Some of the links in this post may be 'affiliate links.' This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.

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Work At Home Job Leads For 3/24/2017

New work at home job leads have been added to the Home With the Kids Online Job Board. Here are the categories and a sampling of the job titles you may find available there. New jobs are posted most weekdays, so check the job board regularly. Jobs may fill quickly, so no promises as to who is still hiring.

Customer Service

Assurant is looking for Customer Care Specialists who enjoy helping people and solving problems.

Holiday Inn Club Vacations is seeking Quality Assurance Agents for call verification.

Active Network is looking for Reservation Agents to help people with their camping reservations.

Sykes Enterprises is looking for Customer Service Representatives to answer questions, process transactions and resolve issues.

Franchise First Pizza Hut is looking for Remote Order Entry Agents. Bilingual is a plus.

Hertz is looking for Virtual @Home Call Center Sales Specialists. This position involves interacting with customers through a video link.


Western Governor’s University is looking for Course Mentors for various subjects.


Retailbound is looking for a Sales and Marketing Coordinator to interact with leads and help keep the database up to date.

Philips is looking for a Digital Marketing Specialist to integrate latest innovations and best practices in communication field to continually improve campaign effectiveness.

Jaybro in Australia is seeking Offsite Marketing Support to follow up leads provided by staff members, primarily the sales team. Must be able to legally work in Australia. Job is part time.

Medical Coding

Northwest Community Hospital is looking for a Coding Analyst to support physician coding.

Franciscan Health is looking for a Hospital Coder.

Health Information Partners is seeking a Remote Inpatient Coder with trauma experience.

HCTec is looking for a Pediatrics Inpatient/DRG Coder with Children’s Hospital or Pediatrics Facility experience.


Lionbridge is looking for a Pronunciation Validator for content in Spanish.

QA and Software Testing

Agilent Technologies is looking for a Quality Assurance Tester to develop and execute test scripts, plans and test cases for a range of projects varying from system implementations, enhancements and bug fixes to strategic initiatives.

Salesforce is looking for a Quality Assurance Lead to develop testing and QA procedures for high volume email, mobile and social customer lifecycle and marketing campaigns.

Technical Writing

Lionbridge is looking for a Technical Writer to design and develop written and/or visual product-related information, including hard copy, web, and online information.

Mondo is seeking a Cloud Technical Writer who has experience with technical writing, automating, design infrastructure, and developing new features to attract customers.


Levitate is looking for a Video Script Writer with experience in technical writing, business writing, content/marketing/commercial writing and/or copyright writing.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post may be 'affiliate links.' This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.

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