This pay for posting thing is getting pretty interesting. I went ahead and joined ReviewMe, another site that pays you for posting website reviews.

ReviewMe does try to address some of the problems that critics have with PayPerPost. The pay is higher, even for a blog at the lower levels like this one. They charge $40 for a review on my blog, of which I get $20. That’s more than most of my PayPerPost posts. It puts me down at the bottom paywise with them, though. Just have to improve things here to get a better pay rate. I can chalk that up to motivation.

The approval process is fast. Your blog will be approved or declines pretty much immediately. That’s a nice touch.

They require disclosure that a post is paid. That said, yes, this is a paid post for ReviewMe.

They require your posts be at least 200 words. In general I find that pretty easy to do. If I like a site, more than that should come easily. If I really, really dislike a site, I’d imagine 200+ words would still come easily.

It should be interesting to see how this goes. One feature I really like is that I don’t have to keep logging in to check for posts – advertisers choose the sites they would like to be reviewed on. There’s also an RSS feed so that I can keep up with things happening on my account remotely.

I am enjoying getting paid to do somewhat more blogging than comes naturally. If the sites I learn about through ReviewMe are even half as interesting as the ones I’ve seen at PayPerPost, it will be lots of fun. I’m hoping the RSS feed works well, as that could be a huge time saver.

Now don’t worry, I have no intention of joining each and every company that comes along and posting for pay. But I will cover the options that I try so that if you want to try blogging for pay you have some idea as to which companies I’ve liked or disliked. I think I’ll do an more in depth comparison once I have more experience with both, just because it should be interesting.