They were talking about working moms versus stay at home moms. Pretty much the usual routine where both sides tend to criticize each other unmercifully.

One of the toughest points you have to think of with this is the situation many hiring managers deal with. It’s hard on a company to hire someone who then takes maternity leave and decides not to come back. My oldest sister works for Microsoft, and they were much concerned about whether or not she would come back after her maternity leave. It’s a big problem for business.

However, there’s nothing fair about making all women pay for the chance that they MIGHT choose to become stay at home moms. It’s like penalizing people because they might take the experience they get at your company then go work for someone else. That happens all the time too.

These shows rarely pay any attention to the work at home mom, and I always wonder why. I find it to be a great alternative to having to choose. Yes, there are sacrifices; you have a lot more to get done during the day and you do need to figure out how to cope with being a parent and working.

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