It’s not fun when you go to pick your child up at preschool and the teacher pulls you aside to inform you of misbehavior. Ariel has been misbehaving a lot in class lately, but today was worse than usual. She scratched a classmate on purpose.

I think I’m dealing with it pretty well. I made her draw a card for her classmate and dictate an apology. She can give it to her in class on Friday, which is the next school day for her, since she only has school 3 days a week.

No television today.

She was going to have her cousins over this weekend, but I’m cancelling that plan. She can have them over some other time when she’s been better in school. She’ll see them Thanksgiving anyhow.

Ariel’s in one of those modes where she is definitely testing the rules. She has been defiant about just about everything at home lately. Dinner is a battle. She often refuses to even try the food and would sooner go to bed hungry than give in.

She doesn’t want to do her chores sometimes. We’re pushing harder on that one because it’s at the point of what else can we do?

I don’t mind that she’s stubborn and strong willed. But she needs to learn discipline and when it’s okay to be stubborn. Could be good for her later. But for now I want her to learn when to obey.

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