We’re working on a big experiment around here this summer. My oldest daughter and I are trying out a bit of homeschooling.

We started up just this week. I expect combining homeschooling and working at home to be an interesting challenge, even though I know many work at home parents do it. But it’s going to be a new part of what we do.

I’m enthusiastic about it. We plan to go through the k12.com program if we do it, as they have a California public school option that is free. It’s so far above the quality of the schools around here, and even in our old district that was much better that I don’t know if I can stand to do less for my kids.

My son’s going to kindergarten in the fall anyhow. He desperately needs time to learn to be around other kids on his own, I think. Homeschooling may be an option in a couple years for him.

Fitting in Home Business Stuff

The biggest challenge may be fitting in enough time to keep working on my home business. So far so good on that front, however. I’ve always said busy times make me work harder.

Business lessons are also a part of my intended curriculum. My daughter has long expressed interest in what I do; why not start teaching it to her?

I do some work while she works on assignments where she’s not asking me a lot of questions. It means dealing with more interruptions than I’m used to, but that’s fine.

I’m doing my best to be still better about evening work hours after the kids are in bed. Time to cut back on acceptable distractions! Except my husband. Not cutting him out.

I have no doubt that this summer’s efforts will be a challenge, but that’s a good thing. Even if we decide it doesn’t work for us, or my daughter says she really can’t stand to leave her school friends, we’ll both have learned something new about what we can do together.