I’ve heard before that cough medicine really isn’t effective for children. But now the FDA has come out with an advisory that you should not give cough medicines to children under two without a doctor’s order.

I think most parents have done this, though. I certainly know I’ve had a simply miserable time getting my husband to understand that these have been shown to be not all that effective, if effective at all, for children. But if he’s the one to buy medicine when they’re sick, it’s a cold medicine that includes something for cough. Probably because it’s so hard to find a plain decongestant now that pseudophedrine is behind the pharmacist’s counter. I miss being able to easily buy children’s Sudafed.

It’s important to pay attention to this warning, however, and I hope labeling on the bottles makes it clearer. Children under 2 are more likely to have complications from cough medicines, including death. And it may pay to keep in mind that some find it dangerous to give cough medicines to children under 6.

My own suggestion would be that if your kids are in those age groups, just get rid of any medications that include something for cough that you have for them. They don’t seem to do a whole lot anyhow. Use a humidifier and maybe a decongestant or fever reducer as necessary. Don’t bother with anything that isn’t all that effective.

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