End of the Year Cleanup – Organize Your Paperwork

I try to keep a vague sense of organization of my paperwork throughout the year, but often enough it gets a little chaotic. This is a good time to get half organized or completely chaotic paperwork into more of a semblance of order.

That’s anything you’ve printed out for later reading. Check stubs. Bills. Notes on what you want to accomplish that you’ve written out. All the random papers that have to do with your business that you want to keep. All the other papers that seem to materialize from nowhere.

You may have taken the first step toward this if you did yesterday’s idea of cleaning your desk. But did you really organize things or just get them approximately where you need them to be?

Really think about which papers you need to keep. It’s amazing how many things you think you need to keep really aren’t that important when you look at them a month or two later. If you aren’t really going to refer back to it and you don’t need to keep it in order to have accurate records do you really need to hold onto it?

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