Some telemarketers just don’t want to listen. I suspect their training keeps them from it.

My husband answered a call this morning. I gather the call first pretended to be some sort of a survey call, but it was really about trying to get us to sign up with a debt consolidation company… except they called it debt validation, and said we’d only have to pay 55% of our debts. Sounds like consolidation to me, guys, especially since we know where those debts we have came from.

It took my husband a long time on the phone with them. I would have long since hung up, personally, but he was in one of those moods.

The caller kept insisting that the initial consultation was free, especially anytime my husband asked about later costs. That and the 55% were his big things to go back to.

It was kind of fun listening when my husband explained that we are on the Do Not Call List. My husband was on his second person by then, who very quickly passed him back to the first one.

My husband tried to find out how they got our number.

“We did a survey in (our area),” they told him. Of course, we haven’t participated in any surveys or anything like that, for reasons such as this. But as I told my husband, the sales people may well not know how the numbers came to be on the list.

After he was done talking to the guy, I told my husband I would have kept things to two points myself: That we are on the Do Not Call List, and that we would like the name of their company. Once it became clear that it was in fact a sales call, that should have been the only two pieces of information that mattered.