Feeling Isolated When You Work at Home

There are so many challenges when you work at home. Scheduling, feeling professional, networking are all more challenging when you work at home.

Whether you’re telecommuting from a job you could also do from the office, have a work at home job you only do at home or run a home business, it’s easy to find yourself separated socially from your coworkers, people in your industry, anyone you don’t actually live with.

There are plenty of things you can do to not feel so isolated, both personally and professionally. You have to find the time to fit social time into your life, but it can also be good for professional development.

The Internet, of course, is a great resource. You can use forums such as the one here on Home with the Kids to meet other people who work at home. You can use instant messages to communicate with coworkers and email for longer messages.

You can also make the time to meet people in person. If you telecommute, head into the office if you start getting lonely for your coworkers. If you have a home business, try to find other home business owners in your area and agree to regular meetings to exchange ideas and motivate each other.

It’s very natural to feel isolated when you work at home. You are separated from the usual source of interaction with other adults, and finding a replacement is challenging. But there are many ways to make friends and talk to people on a professional and personal level if you work at it.


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