I’ve been using Media Center on my computer for some time. I’ve had problems with it here and there, and I definitely think TiVo creams it so far as being user friendly, but it came with my computer, so why complain about what’s so readily available.

I’ve been having trouble downloading the guide for some reason lately. This is supposed to happen automatically, but lately it hasn’t been working. Today it had no data for any channel, and I had noticed the other day that only about 3 days’ worth of data was available. It’s supposed to have about 14 days.

In sheer annoyance, I went in and completely started over on telling it which guide I needed. That did it. Hopefully it will stick, but I have what appears to be the full guide for my channels now, and it’s recording the shows I want again. I don’t think I made any changes, so I don’t know why this should have been any different from telling it before to download the guide.

I also finally figured out how to tell Media Center what my priorities are for recordings. It’s not terrribly intuitive. I had to list all recordings by series, which I don’t normally bother with. I normally look at the schedule by date, which is the default. That option doesn’t let you see an option to adjust the priorities.

I really look forward to when we can afford to buy a TiVo. It costs more and there’s the subscription to deal with, but there’s just no comparison. I got used to it when we lived with my older sister and just really miss the quality.

The random problems with Media Center are just annoying. This isn’t my first random problem with it.

Media Center is one of those things I really use more than I ought to. It’s a major distraction from getting work done. On the other hand, watching my shows in a small window on the computer means I’m at least working a little bit at the computer, rather than being tempted out to watch the television in the living room. Hopefully the balance still works out in productivity’s favor. Really hard to tell sometimes.

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