Ok, for many of you, that’s no big deal. It is winter after all. But I live near San Diego, California. This is the first time in my life I’ve had to deal with a frozen pipe.

Do you have any idea how odd it is for a San Diegan to try to take a shower and not get any water because the pipe is frozen?

Suffice it to say it caught me completely off guard. Nights have been cold enough here lately that my husband put some containers of water out so that we can see how far they freeze. Last night the ice in them got about an inch deep on the tops and at least a quarter in deep along the sides.

My sister who lives up in the nearby mountains got just a little bit of snow yesterday. Just flying through the air, as the ground is still warm enough to melt it. But her kids had a blast chasing snowflakes. I had to laugh hearing that, because I had been telling my husband that if it rained it was cold enough that it would snow. That makes sense in San Diego, of course.

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