Gage's elf portrait

I just had to share Gage’s latest obsession. He loves to paint. I’m quite glad that the paints wash off so easily, though, as his favorite style is what I call his “self portrait”. That’s right, he paints himself, literally. All over if given the chance.

That’s a picture of him doing it off to the left.

It was actually a pretty tough picture to get. While this is a near daily occurrance, getting him to quit watching the camera and start painting takes some work.

Actually, forget daily. Some days it’s 3-4 times a day that he comes up and indicates very clearly that it’s time to paint. This is a kid with a 4 word vocabulary, but can he ever make his wants known with grunts and gestures. It’s no wonder he doesn’t talk.

He does paint on paper too, though. On paper he will point to the color he wants (most often purple) and where on the paper he wants me to put it. He’s very particular about his paintings. If I do it wrong he gets pretty upset with me. If I don’t put enough down he gestures for more.

Gage's painting

Crayons and markers don’t hold half the fascination that painting does for him. It’s really something. He’ll use crayons every here and there, but never ask for them; they have to be out, and probably Ariel using them already.

The mess isn’t as hard to clean up as it may seem. I use a cheap vinyl tablecloth so that it can get paint all over and still not be destroyed. Not as pretty as cloth, but highly functional.

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