A few weeks ago I posted that I was having trouble with my mouse. Well, I didn’t follow up on it, but I let my husband play with it a little, and it has been working fine. Up until last night, that is.

Then it started doing the same thing. Out of the blue the pointer on the screen would shoot up to the top or bottom and the mouse would not respond to any attempts to bring it back. Very frustrating.

So today I was thinking I would have to go buy a replacement when I got hit by a blinding flash of the obvious… check the warranty!

Sure enough, that critter has about a 5 year warranty, and is only one year old. Bingo!

I called Logitech up. Not a bad experience at all, although I do loathe trying to talk my way through the phone tree. But they do make it work reasonably well.

Got to a live person with just about zero wait, a real treat compared to so many companies. She took my information about the mouse and the problem, did a quick bit of research and told me they would send me a free replacement.

Of course, this is much slower than going out to the store to buy a new one. 7-10 business days slower. That part is a little frustrating but also expected. But I am quite happy with how willing Logitech was to offer the replacement. No fight to it at all, just a review of the facts and it was offered promptly. Great customer service!

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