We actually got out of the house pretty early today, and it’s not a school day for Ariel.

We decided to head over to the park right after breakfast because it has been so hot lately, but it was so nice and cool outside this morning. I think our timing was perfect. By the time we finished walking back home things were definitely heating up outside.

It’s so nice having a park within walking distance. It takes about 10 minutes to get there, but that’s pretty easy.

Gage is finally getting bold about playgrounds. He used to be afraid of swings, but now he loves them. He was laughing his head off today. He’s still deciding how much he likes slides, but he’s at least willing to go down them on his own.

Summer may be coming to a close, but in my area we can expect warm weather for some time yet. It’s nice getting the occasional cool morning, rather than reaching 90 degrees out before 10 a.m. We’re still reaching that high inside the house many days, but it doesn’t come until the afternoon.