He’s almost 2! I can hardly believe it. So of course we have his birthday this weekend.

Thinking back, his second year has been so much less eventful than his first. After all, his first year he had surgery. Kind of hard to top that sort of event.

Let’s see… he’s still having fun not talking. He communicates so well other ways I think he just doesn’t feel a need yet. The other day, for example, at naptime I was rocking him and he started singing. Then he touched my mouth, looked at me with THOSE eyes and grunted at me. I asked if he wanted me to sing and he said “Uh-huh!” Pretty good communication for a kid who doesn’t talk.

The party is basically just family since Gage really hasn’t made friends yet. He’s rather shy around other kids his age. But that includes lots of cousins both older and younger than he is. So I know he’ll have fun. Might even let go of me for a few minutes.

I always make the cake rather than buy one. Just saves so much money. Then I have the birthday child help to decorate. The spray cans of frosting make it pretty easy.

Then Monday is his 2 year checkup. That’s when I get to discuss with the pediatrician if we should look more at the talking issues. I have mixed feelings on the matter, so we’ll see where that goes.

As you can imagine, I’ll be pretty busy these next few days.