One of the big temptations when you have a home business is to work every day of the week. You really want to get things moving, and the temptation is great when you desperately need the money as so many families do.

Working seven days a week may not make you as productive as you think, however. You need time to relax and time for your family and friends.

Ideally, it’s nice to take two days off a week, such as the standard weekend you get with some jobs. But it’s not too unreasonable to want to work that sixth day a week for extra income or because you love what you do. Particularly when you have kids in the house, having a work day where someone else can handle them is really nice.

Except when you really have to, I don’t recommend a seven day work week, especially not full days. There are times when it’s necessary – there’s a reason why many home business owners talk about the long hours they put in to get things going at first. But as soon as possible, return more balance to your lifestyle and have time for family and friends.

In the challenge of running a home business, it’s easy to overlook time for yourself and those you care about. You’re doing it for them, after all. But that’s really not enough.

At the same time, if you really want to get your business going, you should be committed to working at least five days a week on your business. Working just a day or two a week is not enough, not if you’re serious about it and don’t have another job limiting your availability. Putting in more time means you’ll see results of one sort or another from your business all the sooner.

Your days off from working on your home business shouldn’t be the only time you spend with family, especially if you are working six days a week. Eat meals together. Relax for a while with family in the evenings.

That’s about what I do personally. I work one weekend day a week when I can, because it’s the one time I can really dedicate a lot of hours to working. Otherwise, it’s the hours I can get during the day, plus whatever hours I can manage after the kids are in bed. One weekend day a week is family time. I’ll check for anything urgent, but that’s it.

Work out your schedule based on what you need to get accomplished with your business. You may sometimes need to work the full weekend or other time you’d rather have for family, but don’t make it a habit. A part of working from home is usually about being there for family. Don’t forget that part.