I love this time of year, but oh! It is so good to be done with Christmas.

We had a really good time. Had to wake the kids up in time for church on Christmas morning because we’d been out late at a family gathering Christmas Eve. Ariel has finally decided that she doesn’t like getting clothing as a gift, and every time she unwrapped some she said that was a silly gift. Gage wasn’t always all that enthusiastic about unwrapping gifts but a few did get his attention quite well.

Lots of time just visiting family too. Spent Christmas Eve day with my mom and sisters, Christmas Eve evening at the aforementioned family gathering with my husband’s side of the family… extended family in this case. Church Christmas morning and opening presents at home, then off to my inlaws for opening presents there and Christmas dinner.

The kids are pretty tired although neither will admit it. Gage’s naps were quite insufficient, and he was kept up late the one night. He’s learned to sing to keep himself awake in the car, though. Pretty funny since he only has a few words, so he la-las through. When he quieted I joked that he must have sung every song he knows.

Now I have to get back to work. I have a lot of article writing and such I need to do. I want to primarily work on promoting this site, but alternate articles for here with others of my sites. That way many of them get promoted but I still give this one the attention it needs.