Now that I’m getting paid for my posts through PayPerPost, I’m keeping a bit of an eye on my PayPal account. I was quite delighted to see today that I got paid by ReviewMe this morning.

The pay from ReviewMe is quite good when you get a post, trouble is I’ve only ever done the one post for them. That’s not exactly a lot of money. They really need to work on getting more advertisers, since all the people I know on forums who work with them are in the same boat. Too high a price maybe?

Even so, checking out the different services is a lot of fun. I don’t want to overdo the paid posts, but when I get an offer to post about something interesting I’m sure not going to back off either. My husband has gotten used to having me tell him that I need some quiet to finish a post. If you watched this morning’s video, you’ll know that the kids aren’t so resigned to letting Mommy work.

That’s kids for you!